Wake The Dragon Within


Taken a Game of Thrones quiz to figure out your house and determined you’re a long lost cousin of Daenerys Targaryen? Feel the need to commit to the part?

Well a Seattle artisan is here to help. This epic set of dragon wings has been made with genuine leather, a wireframe structure that allows for some limited customisation of the shape, and a multi-buckled harness that will make sure your wings stay attached as you storm down the Tower of the Undying to retrieve your dragon children.

And, uh, just in case: these won’t turn you into a dragon – you will not be able to fly. Please don’t jump of buildings with these on. Perching at the edge for gargoylistic effect would be kinda cool – if it wasn’t so stupidly dangerous!


[$199 at ThinkGeek | via GeekAlerts]

3 Responses to Wake The Dragon Within

  1. Nice!!! But I believe these might look better on girls.

    On a side note: It is really sad that such warnings have to actually be included… People are morons if they think these might have the slightest of effects on gravity…

  2. Something available from pretty much any good store catering to fetishists and leather daddies, and all of a sudden it's big news because it's on ThinkGeek.
    Leather Daddies don't go to TG and start stocking… I dunno… Unicorn Horn Candy as plugs!

  3. I think it would be pertinent at this point to remind the author that there is a difference between the word ‘of’ and the word ‘off’ which is subtle but important.

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