Wake The Dragon Within


Taken a Game of Thrones quiz to figure out your house and determined you’re a long lost cousin of Daenerys Targaryen? Feel the need to commit to the part?

Well a Seattle artisan is here to help. This epic set of dragon wings has been made with genuine leather, a wireframe structure that allows for some limited customisation of the shape, and a multi-buckled harness that will make sure your wings stay attached as you storm down the Tower of the Undying to retrieve your dragon children.

And, uh, just in case: these won’t turn you into a dragon – you will not be able to fly. Please don’t jump of buildings with these on. Perching at the edge for gargoylistic effect would be kinda cool – if it wasn’t so stupidly dangerous!


[$199 at ThinkGeek | via GeekAlerts]

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