Is Social Media Ruining Your Social Skills? recently collected a bunch of findings and created the infographic you see below.

Personally, I just had the most amazing philanthropic experience on Facebook. My boss is desperate for Radiohead tickets and put up a post asking her friends if anyone had one available. Knowing what a hardcore fan she is, I clicked share (yes, Facebook has finally installed share functionality to statuses that don’t have an image, video or link attached – this was my first one!) and sent it out to my network.

Within two hours a friend of mine responded and had two tickets she needed to upload. I earned nothing from the exchange beyond the satisfaction of helping two friends out ­– not to mention getting brownie points with the boss. Needless to say, I was feeling rather warm and fuzzy afterwards.

For me: social media is one of the greatest assets to my mind, spirit and soul. I don’t think this infographic is a particularly good cross-section of society as a whole in any case…

What do you think? Has social media had a more negative or positive effect on your life?

Is Social Media making us Socially Awkward?

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5 Responses to Is Social Media Ruining Your Social Skills?

  1. <sigh> it certainly seems to be having an adverse effect on the ability of writers to actually address the topic of their title.

  2. The title of the article is not only misleading but also so bland that it's not interesting. Do not get me wrong – I love the subject at hand, it's super interesting if discussed properly etc. But this is not a discussion of the topic. It's in fact just statistics of peoples preferences – Which can be based on a numerous amount of factors in such a wide manner, that the article becomes like a "for dummies" version of a bland, misguided subject.

    I do apologize for coming off so harsh – But it's just what i observed.

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