Is Social Media Ruining Your Social Skills? recently collected a bunch of findings and created the infographic you see below.

Personally, I just had the most amazing philanthropic experience on Facebook. My boss is desperate for Radiohead tickets and put up a post asking her friends if anyone had one available. Knowing what a hardcore fan she is, I clicked share (yes, Facebook has finally installed share functionality to statuses that don’t have an image, video or link attached – this was my first one!) and sent it out to my network.

Within two hours a friend of mine responded and had two tickets she needed to upload. I earned nothing from the exchange beyond the satisfaction of helping two friends out ­– not to mention getting brownie points with the boss. Needless to say, I was feeling rather warm and fuzzy afterwards.

For me: social media is one of the greatest assets to my mind, spirit and soul. I don’t think this infographic is a particularly good cross-section of society as a whole in any case…

What do you think? Has social media had a more negative or positive effect on your life?

Is Social Media making us Socially Awkward?

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