George Takei making comic appearance

George Takei has become quite the icon of popular culture these days (if you don’t already follow his Facebook page then you are seriously missing out) and so it’s no real surprise that the latest in the Archie comic spin-offs will feature a George Takei cameo.

With a history of quite classic comics, the Archie series have been on top of their game with progressive new issues and spin-offs. The character Kevin Keller has recently gained a bit of a spotlight as he married his African-American doctor boyfriend – making a statement on gay marriage equality, which is a hot topic in politics. Now with his own spin-off series, he will get to meet one of his lifelong idols, George Takei.

The idea was born when artist Dan Parent met our Star Trek hero at a conference and pitched the idea to him. Of course, George Takei was thrilled to be a feature, and I’m sure he is eagerly awaiting the issue, which is to come out in November.

[From BuzzFeed | Via The Mary Sue]

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