First Dredd 3D Movie Trailer [Video]

Here is the first trailer for Lionsgate’s Dredd, starring Karl Urban and Lena Headey. Dredd 3d will be hitting the big screen on September 21,2012.

So what’s your verdict about the trailer, geeks? Yeah or Meh?

22 Responses to First Dredd 3D Movie Trailer [Video]

  1. Nothing like Shutting down free publicity for your upcoming movie. Was this leaked content or something? Otherwise… Heh.

  2. I was always hoping the character would get a more serious treatment like this, but it feels like we might lose some of his "icon-ness." Hopefully I'm wrong. As a sci-fi/action movie, it looks interesting though.

  3. I love Urban but I fear he's wasted here. it may be that I just don't care for the Judge Dread character, but Urban's Dread sounds like the new Batman with the "I've got a throat full of gravel so I can sound tough". Personally I liked his take on Doctor McCoy much better.

  4. I loved the stallone version of Judge Dredd and still have it on vhs at home.
    I think Urban's portrayal of the role is too forced: the walk, the talk, the facial expressions, etc.
    I wouldn't mind giving it a look though I will definitely not be watching it in 3D.

  5. As a Dredd fan from Prog200+ I think that this looks like a decidedly "B"movie version of the character, and I really don't like the characterisation that they have done.

    Dredd is a giant of a man, this guy is not!
    Dredd would NEVER have a dirty uniform as it would be a crime to be seen in anything that was not impeccable (unless in the middle of a fight).
    Dredd would have a helmet that FITS him.

    I really hope that this film is good but my instincts say it will not be…

  6. At least his helmet doesn't look stupid this time (as a reader from prog 1 – yes 1) I like the look but his lawmaster bike looks very B movie…

    Hoping it's better than the Stallone one, but also not convinced.

  7. If a pregnant spidermonkey started flinging feces around a barren post-apocalyptic semi-wasteland inhabited only by Smurfs, that would make a better depiction of the comic than the Stallone movie.

  8. the reboot looks decent. I just wish they wouldv gone with someone else other than Urban to play Dredd's role

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