BBC Greenlights Muppets No Strings Attached

The recent film The Muppets didn’t wow the boxoffice but it did spark enough nostalgia to bring back a Muppet Show on TV.

Maybe not your TV, but the people in the UK will be treated to No Strings Attached, a Jim Henson production greenlit by the BBC. The show will be quite similar in format to the original Muppet Show with Muppet characters in a world where Muppets and humans co-exist. There will be a whole new cast of Muppets and will reportedly have two celebrity guests per episode.

There was an attempt to resurrect the Muppet Show that updated the concept called Muppets Tonight, and instead of a Vaudeville variety show the updated version was a live television variety show. The original Muppets and some new faces were introduced, and even Statler and Waldorf (the heckling old men in the balcony) were now in a nursing home, heckling the television. It only ran two seasons in ’96 to ’98, so I hope No Strings Attached does better.

No word on whether Kermit or any of the classic Muppet gang will make appearances in No Strings Attached, but as with select BBC shows, if its popular enough we might get our own version!