Sexy Morrigan (Darkstalkers) Cosplay [Pic]

-Cosplayer: Lily Spitfire
-Photographer: Convoke Photography

Thanks Lily!

[Via: Geekxgirls]


10 Responses to Sexy Morrigan (Darkstalkers) Cosplay [Pic]

  1. How does she not fall over? She must have stabilisers or some elaborate midget army we can't see…

  2. nice, cant tell from thispic, but does she have wings? that would be extra awesome with a soda on the side

      • It's a shame that the wings didn't quite fit into the picture, since they would have been the main attraction… just kidding! The best thing about this picture is the matching green hair and contact lenses! Nothing could possibly "top" that! Honestly, very cool and original… not something that I see at the mall too often!!! ;)