Microsoft Introduces its Tablet: The Surface

Microsoft has stepped into the bloodsport Kumite known as the tablet market and has announced more details for The Surface.

With Apple dominating this corner of the world, other manufacturers were quick to develop their own hardware to varying reception. The ever popular Blackberry introduced their Playbook hoping to trump the other projects, but sadly they paved the way of “what not to do”. Now it seems that every hardware manufacturer has a tablet on the market, but very few of them were using Microsoft products in any way.

Microsoft doesn’t like to be last picked for kickball.

So with the upcoming Windows 8 being touted as a tablet focused operating system, it only makes sense that they would bring this tablet out around the same time as the new operating system. While there is no official date for Windows 8, most pundits are predicting it will be released in September or October, and the official date for the standard Surface release is announced for the same vague time. The Pro will come a few months later.

The standard will slide in at 9.3mm (thinner than the New iPad) at a pound and a half. The “Cleartype” display rocks a 1920 x 1080 resolution at 10.6 inches. The Standard Surface will sport a smartphone Windows RT operating system and an ARM processor, offering 32 or 64 GB of storage.

The Surface will have other stock options that some tablets have like front and back webcams, an SD card slot, and a USB Port. A little more unique on the Surface is the magnesium casing, the Gorilla Glass display cover, and a built-in “kickstand”. There are some accessories for the Surface as well, such as a very familiar magnet attached screen cover, however unlike Apple’s foldy cover thing, it will also offer a micro-thin keyboard.

The Pro is what has my attention. This one will be slightly thicker but its features sound more like an Ultrabook. With many similarities to the standard edition like the Mag casing and Gorilla Glass screen, the Pro will brag an Ivy Bridge Core i5 x86 brainmeat, some USB 3.0 ports, and will come with 64 or 128 GB of storage. That’s pretty impressive for a tablet.

For me, this Pro surface means I get to run full Windows 8 and will allow me to bring all my toys with me. The reason I haven’t purchased a tablet yet is that I have yet to see a need or function that my iPhone doesn’t already do. My iPhone can’t do what this Pro Surface can!

So, Windows Surface Pro is my pick. Does the Surface impress you? Or are you already sold on another product?


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  1. Well, if it’s release is like the Xbox, it will become famous for it’s red screen of death, or whatever indicates tablet failure, due to shoddy manufacturing.
    If MS runs true to form, they’ll follow their “every other windows release sucks” pattern. Windows 7 is pretty good, Vista sucks, XP was pretty good, etc… So I’d expect Windows 8 to be a steaming pile of poo.

  2. Personally it looks good to me, although I'd probably wait for the next one, Admittedly round 1 of their stuff usually needs work, this looks really sleek and having seen some of windows 8, I would love one of these for myself. Personally I like a real keyboard – this feature alone wins me over

  3. the problem here, is that they have stupid shit like magnetic keyboards! it would be so easy for that to messy up and you lose the keyboard, the thing will also be expensive as a golden apple…. and then there i the app market..lets be honest, apple has that in the bag…

  4. Indeed. Windows made tablet computer OS's before the world was ready for it – one runs in the restaurant of the hotel where my mother works. So they are not entirely new to the field.
    If the Surface comes out with a decent price, I will consider buying it, I guess.

  5. Too bad it has windows mobile. It really is a terrible OS.

    I'll never understand why they think that jumbling a bunch of different sized boxes in the middle of the screen can make a good OS. Xbox is terrible while we're at it. Mine gets turned on for exclusives or YouTube only.

  6. I'm at least interested in the surface, except for the stupid name. If i can run any native windows program on it and it has a decent price, it could be even a threat to the iPad, IMO.

  7. With the computer market shares collapsing, I can see this in offices in 10years. Just a secretary ? here, take WP8 (or whatever the light version is called), some more hardcore stuff to do ? here we go, full win8 with normal desktop support.

    I'm sure it's more the future than shitty locked down ipads. You can run any win7/winXP program right ? People will need that.

  8. This is much more portable than the earlier Microsoft Surface, which was a coffee table (remember the old bar tables with Pac Man built in so you could play sitting down and set your drinks on it? That size.) With full Windows application support, this is the netbook I want. I have no use for an iPad, and only minimal use for Android tablets, but a tablet that's also a small laptop meets my needs.

  9. It looks like a great concept, and is undoubtedly the wave of the future. However I don't know if the hardware is quite ready for a desktop OS on a tablet and still have it behave like a tablet should. I'm mostly concerned about battery life. Version 2 or 3 of this thing should be great.

  10. Some clarifications:

    Surface RT screen is 1280×800 (HD) and Surface Pro screen is 1920×1080 (Full HD). Each has only one USB port, USB 2.0 for Surface RT and USB 3.0 for Surface Pro. Surface RT runs Windows 8 RT so only metro apps, currently around 100,000 of them. Surface Pro runs full Windows 8, that's 10 million+ apps already in existence. Okay, not all are touch apps, but that's not the point here. The point is Surface Pro bridges old and new world without giving up anything. Microsoft could be on to a winner. They always come late to the party. Embrace, extend, extinguish.

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