Zombie Scares Innocent Bystanders [Video]

I just hope this guy won’t try scaring people carrying a gun… or a baseball bat.

[Via The Awesomer]

6 Responses to Zombie Scares Innocent Bystanders [Video]

  1. Yeah, not a great idea. I've seen similar vids and in at least two others the guy almost got shot/ clubbed. Good way to end up in jail/ hospital/ morgue.

    Okay, the lady on the bike WAS pretty funny.

  2. Fake! The camera is set up right next to the guy on the bench, not to mention that nobody in their right minds would stop to grab their text books while a zombie is after them.

  3. I've wondered about that for some time now. Back in the 80's they'd have a guy in a Hockeymask chase people with a scary weapon as a prank and then put it on TV. I often wondered what would happen if they scared the crap out of somebody with a handgun, if the prankee would have a legal defense after the gunshots. Now that we have people literally eating other people alive it seems like a dangerous kind of prank to pull.

  4. oh, come on, how stupid can americans be? am i really supposed to believe ANYONE would think a zobie (or a vampire, or a werewolf for that matter) be real?
    of course, thats not to say no one would act in self defense. they see some costumed guy approaching them and don’t know if they are about to be robbed or pranked…

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