Questions about Prometheus [Spoilers!]

Yep, a lot of the things that happen in Prometheus do not seem to make a whole lot of sense, and this guy makes a pretty good compilation of them.


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    • Yeah right if you are a fan of Alien you would understand the film completely and wholly. The film had its flaws but it is one of the best sci-fi films ever made.

      • Prometheus had great special effects, but the screen play was awful and the acting was awful. Where Alien had people behaving in the kind of low key, professional, disciplined manner you would expect people who flew in space to have, the interaction between the characters in Prometheus was silly, with absurd over-emoting. Travel four years to a distant moon, and you don't want to be careful about everything you do? None of those characters was believable. And the audience was expected to fill in the gaps way too much. If they mad that movie a half hour longer, removed at least three or four unnecessary people from the cast, and took ten minutes to provide at least some rational plot development, it would've been the greatest sci-fi of all time by virtue of the brilliant CGI work.

        But none of the characters behaved in ways that made sense. Some were flat out stupid, which is unlikely in such a situation.

        • Have you met very many people lately? I'm guessing not. I mean real people, the general public. Sitting on jury duty is a great way to meet a cross section of the general public, and be astounded by the levels of idiocy.

        • These were not ordinary people, they were scientists, engineers, and other professionals. But the rich old guy who brought these people along didn't care about them, so, by extention, why should the audience care about them, and, by further extention, care about anything that happens before the rich old guy is defrosted at the beginning of the third act?

        • You mean like the highly trained and professional astronaut who drove cross-country in a diaper a few years back so she could kidnap her boyfriend's wife? You mean highly trained and professional like that?

        • Have you ever worked in a chemical facility? My guess is no if you think that scientist and engineers are the professionals you think they are. They are actually very condescending, egotistical, and rude. I know, I married one and have worked with engineers, chemists, and executives daily for the past 28 years. They got the character portrayal right.

        • I would have to agree there, this was a great idea that was directed so disappointingly! i mean the start was great and really gave you the impression of an amazing hour to follow… but we didnt get crap.. the whole time i was wishing the actors would shut up, and get to the core of the REASON they were there. left me asking so many questions… i felt i had been offered a #3 wendy's burger and got a candy floss instead.
          If they had continued the movie on to where the chick gets to the home planet, and meets her makers.. perhaps unleashes all hell and all manner of virus n their asses that would have been cool to see.. but its supposed to be a precurser to the Alien / Predator movies.. really disappointed

        • the predators have nothing to do with the alien franchise or Prometheus its a totally different species …… in my opinion alien vs predator kinda ruined and ripped of alien and Prometheus it kinda spoiled Prometheus for us

    • What Id like to know if how did the engineer know that Shaw was still alive? Wouldnt he had assumed that she was on the big ship that took his down?

    • Hilarious lol I asked all the same questions, HUGE fan of Aliens and Predators, anything to do with them, yet they keep pumping out these CRAP movies that have so much potential.. yet I am sitting there like I am watching the new star wars, trying soooo hard to like it, watching it more then once.. trying to like it.. BUT I CANT LOL… ITS CRAP.. why cant these people just make the comics I read, like dark horses Alien Genocide *if I am getting that right* an awesome story about the discovery of two different alien races living on a planet, and constantly at war with each other. So they land some colonial marines on the planet, set up base to study whats happening here. One of the cool aspects of that story was Zino Zip, a drug given to marines as a last ditch effort if your in some real deep shit. Taking it makes you faster, stronger, and immune to pain. With one side effect, extreme insanity. One soldier decides to take some for fun or something stupid, ends up going nuts and killing a shitload of soldiers. Now that.. was an interesting story that pulled you in

  1. I've got two points I'd like to make.

    1. If you think back to Alien it's the same way, and at heart it was a horror movie that took place in space not just a 'SyFy' flick… and with horror, not knowing is one of the the things that can make it really disturbing.

    2. If you're into science you can make some pretty good guesses on this stuff like the goo in the glass or just a little bit of logic (like if they were making biological weapons on distant planets and then they wanted to destroy us, odds are we were a biological experiment gone wrong).

    Personally I'm tired of Hollywood spoon feeding story to people, if you're so dense that you can only see what's put on your plate you deserve to eat at the kids table.

    3. It was kinda' stupid that both women almost shared the same fate from a giant rolling disk.

    • Anan:

      Alien wasn't the same way. It was a very clever film with characters we cared about. Prometheus is a lazy script directed by a man that clearly shouldn't be involved in writing screenplays, not to mention that Damon Lindelof is an over rated writer that should probably just stick with TV. We are dropped into this film as if we've already been watching it for an entire season. The plot is full of holes and any one who know good character and plot development can clearly see that this film is trying to sell itself as some sort of mystery. Well, it's not. I guess if you're into experimental art house films, you can appreciate the visuals, but the bottom line is that Prometheus is poor story telling. If you like this film, I'm sure Hollywood would love to market more just like it to you. Don't drink the Kool-Aid and try to read into a film that has zero substance. You're clearly just speculating on what the story is suppose to be about. This doesn't make you a genius or some sort of intellectual. If anything, you come across as a sucker who will buy anything Hollywood sells you. The Emperor is wearing new clothes because they're telling you he his. As a professional screenwriter, I would like to think that I know my craft well and this film is a mess. I wanted to very much enjoy it, but it is a huge disappointment. At the very least, the film should of been entertaining, so it was very frustrating watching this film slowly unravel into a pointless excursion. I liked the film for about the first 20 minutes and then we are introduced to the idiotic scientists and it's all down hill from there. If you enjoyed the film, what can I say, you're easy to please. However, mediocrity is not special, not memorable and shouldn't be celebrated. Ridley Scott's Alien was a great film, Prometheus was not and will never make it on AFI''s top 100 films of all time as Alien has. This could and should have been a lot better film and epic as Ridley Scott promised it would be, but that's not what we were given. You don't have to agree with me, but perhaps you'll think over some of the things I mentioned because I think audiences deserve better for their money. Watch Alien again and you'll see what I'm talking about.

      • I like how you tore down Lindeloff and his screenwriting credentials and then went on to say how you should know your stuff solely for the reason that you yourself are a screenwriter, and probably an unsuccessful one at that (sorry if that seems harsh.) Also, just because you weren't into the movie does not mean that the film is some sort of failure, unfortunately you do not get to decide that.

        It was a solid horror/sci-fi that purposely asked more questions than it answered. It succeeded in creating an intense and creepy atmosphere as well as asking intriguing questions, creating interesting characters and showing off some sweet futuristic technology. There were a few dumb moments like those chicks not avoiding the falling space craft with a little more savvy but I can forgive a few minor glitches for the sake of plot. Prometheus was everything I want in a horror/sci-fi so I was fully satisfied.

        • Sadly no, it wasn't a solid horror/sci-fi film, asked a lot of questions I didn't care to get the answers to by the end, wasn't creepy or atmospheric. It also wasn't scary, Ridley pointedly said in an interview that he wanted to "scare the shit out of you" which he clearly failed miserably at, and the characters (apart from Michael Fassbender's David) were all poorly conceived, unlikeable, quite frankly a bunch of idiots who didn't have any redeeming qualities and deserved the fate they got.

          ALIEN on the other hand had a great story, likeable character's who you could empathise with and wanted to see survive, was well acted, was atmospheric, scary and had a level of tension already built into it with the way the crew interacted with each other right from the start, however as things went from bad to worse you could see them pull together. It was everything Prometheus wasn't but should have been.

          As for Lindelof, well I don't know about his other writing, never saw anything he wrote for TV so can't say, but if he wrote this in collaboration with Ridley then he's as much to blame for the story as Lindelof, so who knows if he can write well or not. But this effort wasn't good, however he obviously delivered what Ridley wanted to see so blame Ridley.

      • Can't say I'm very pleased with how Prometheus turned out, but I do love how you cite the fact that you are a screenwriter as proof of your 'expertise'. You've obviously written scripts for some highly acclaimed films, right? Especially with your extremely patronizing tone. Oh wait, except I googled you and well…seems like I'm having trouble getting a hit. I've got screenplays I've written on my computer and I've written stuff for several student films and shorts, can I start referring to myself as a professional screenwriter and acting pompous too?!

        The sad thing is I agree with much of the content of your post but your delivery truly leaves something to be desired.

      • You're a professional screenwriter, are you? You've just said, "At the very least, the film should of been entertaining." How many 'professional' screenwriters make such appalling (and basic) grammatical errors?
        I stopped reading right there.

      • dont forget that there is actually good stuff on tv these days, I get your point I really do, but just cause the guy sucks at writing doesn't mean he should go back to TV. Maybe he should just give up entirely. My point is there is good stuff on TV. I am amazed that walking dead is a tv show, and I think was actually a hell of alot better then most zombie movies that I have seen, making it pretty revolutionary for tv if you ask me considering I think most things on tv suck. But walking dead took me by surprise, I thought nothing of it until all of a sudden I realized I care about the characters, I am worried for them when they are in danger, and sad as hell when they die. Now THAT is good story telling. What they been doing with Aliens, Predator, Prometheus, and Aliens vs Predator is complete CRAP. I have read way better stories in Aliens Dark horse comics, and one I think should have been a movie already, Dark Horses Colonial Marines. One last thing, I really think that Aliens Vs Predator would have been a hell of alot more interesting if they would STOP BASING IT IN THE PAST GRRRR! Make us humans look pointless in the fights, now if it was in the future, with aliens, predators, and colonial marines they would finally have a winner..

    • i agree with you on a lot of things, but certain things must be explained to keep viewers interested.i asked all theses questions and still was very satisfied, but my biggest problem is the fact that this little movie came out called pandorim (i think i spelled it wrong.) and all the cridicts hated it, but pandorim was waaaaaaayyyy better then this good but not great movie known as Prometheus. but ohh that's right riddly Scott made it soooooooo ??? we have to say its great. and u are right anan, this movie was similar to alien one by not explaining much…but Prometheus was created to supposedly answer questions but all it did was raise more. if u haven't seen pandorim you should. u sound like a sy fy guy like myself. i think you will enjoy it.

      • Riddley Scott has had his fair share of films ripped apart by critics, Kingdom of Heaven comes to mind instantly. He is not praised as some kind of do no wrong god of directors among movie critics.

        • Also I'd like to add that his "good" films were also ripped apart by critics.

          People do remember that Blade Runner was tore a new one when it came out.

          People definitely don't remember the initial reviews of Gladiator. I remember seeing HORRENDOUS reviews of Gladiator that soon turned 180 after it became popular. (They were like "UGH this is awful" to "Eh it's okay.")

          — As for my general reply to the article —

          Personally I think there are a lot of good things in the film and there were a few duds. I am a researcher (evo bio) and I found the 100% DNA match thing irritating and the biologist who wanted to pet the snake thing very dumb.

          That being said, I feel like most people are treating this as movie that one that it is cool-to-be-a-hater-of. There are thousands of worse movies out there and this one is getting really fisted. While some "dumb" people do learn the "You are a dumb viewer statement," I think equally ignorant people learn and defensively state the "Well you're just saying I'm dumb but you're dumb for saying that" statement.

          The other thing I find that people do–even some of my very smart friends–when they are trying to be critical is that they point out that characters make dumb choices. That right there is illogical. People DON'T always make optimal choices. It's called life.

        • "Cool-to-be-a-hater-of"??? Seriously, the one reason I truly HATE this film is because it is the only film ever to insult my intelligence more then the Blair Witch Project! I have already wasted so much more time than the two hours it lasted going through how utterly idiotic the plot and all the characters were.

          But I have to admit that I fail – there is simply no way I will ever comprehend how it is possible to spend that much money on producing something this horrendous! Heck, even Transformers is deeper than this epic mess!

      • I quite enjoyed Pandorum as well, it was well thought out and enjoyed the sort of sixth sense kind of 'twist' ending with Dennis Quaid's character. Was scary, atmospheric, characters were interesting.

        Agree with you there, good film.

  2. Never ever ever ever thought you guys of all people would ever consider posting a RLM video…where were you for the 90 min star wars review?!!!? Why am I not a GAS editor?!!?!? BLARG! Last 6 months has been…find it on my own…notice it on GAS 6-16 days later….

  3. LOL Thought I recognized the voice from the Phantom Menace Reviews.


    I could answer each and every one, but it boils down to you aren't thinking. weyland looks like that because he's what? Over 100 with a crap load of money. Two words: Michael Jackson.

    The black goo was partially explained by the opening scene. Its designed to mutate the genetic structure of a species. Everyone who was paying attention saw the worms slithering around in the goo before they were changed later on in the movie.

    My personal theory is they reason they were trying to destroy humanity is to avoid having the xenomorph species come about. In previous alien movies its been said that the species adapts to its host genetic structure. Maybe they realized how badass the xenomorph alien is when its incubated in a human. Notice what came out of Elizabeth Shaw was for all intents and purposes an early facehugger.

    Holograms can be controlled by placed cameras. We already have that NOW. The audio could very well just be recorded audio by him synced up with a computer generated scene. Future tech after all. =P

    And on and on and on. There are some very legit questions. Some of which can be chalked up to human stupidity. (Read: Running in a line.)

    But it was pretty obvious the movie was setting up a new trilogy or more. So I expect we'll see more in the next movie.

    The point that RLM is missing is that Scott designed Prometheus as a story as one that the viewers are discovering things along with the crew. We are only getting bits and pieces of what the Engineers had in mind because this is the beginning of a bigger story. The point WAS to leave questions.

    • I really liked the movie, but there are 2 awkward things:

      1) the space travel takes about 2 years to reach final destination. Assuming they were travelling at speed of light, 2 years at light speed is…. nothing! It's the space next corner bakery. So… why there was no radio comunication between the planets? In 200 years of radio transmissions?

      2) they found an alien dead body. Of 2000 years. And inside the room across the door there is a alien. Alive. Hibernating. For… 2000 years???? Whata hell of stupid aliens are them?? No one came to rescue? No other solution to a life threat attack than sleep – DEEP sleep? They don't get rotten?

      Thats it. Sorry for my poor english.

      • Yeah, distance and speed is kind of sketchy in the Alien universe. I mean in Aliens the Ship manages to get from earth to LV426 in what…. a week?

      • In order to travel through interstellar space in any sort of realistic time frame you need to be traveling much faster than the speed of light. Any movie that consists of interstellar space travel should automatically be assumed that they are traveling much faster than the speed of light.

      • Had to point out you said '' 'm tired of Hollywood spoon feeding story to people, if you're so dense that you can only see what's put on your plate you deserve to eat at the kids table. ''

        Yet you seem to be unable to count, Two points to make….. yet you made 3

    • i agree with this view. the xenomorph species being bad ass is obviously known to them by the carving on the wall above the urns. additionally, the comment about what were they running from in the hologram? i assumed it was probably the swarm unleashed into the environment by the guy at the top of the falls. why else have on their version of hazmat gear in a military base? you don't see soldiers running around in gas masks unless there is a risk of breathing in something right.

      about the movie not having any substance, i disagree. not only does the film set up what appears to be a new branch of the franchise but using the references to it's predecessors from movie and comics it does what every guru does. it annoyingly answers questions with more questions.

      about the acting and running in straight lines. there is a triangle of value. cost vs quality vs time. you have to sacrifice at least one to get the other two. so if you want a lord of the rings type epic you loose time cause the audience is going to be there for three hours for each installment and it will take forever to make. but you get character development and plot in quality, and cost you make up for in sales. notice though that this movie was closer to 120 than 180min. so your characters are going to do things that don't quite make sense then. either because the explanation ended up on the cutting room floor or because the speed of the movie wouldn't work otherwise. as a result you get supposedly smart characters running away in a straight line rather than to the side. (perhaps the one that was fighting the whole time and now has better response times should have ran to the side, and the one that had been left on board the whole time could have run in a straight line to show how fear can make people do stupid things? thereby spawning someones sociological paper… "fight or flight gone wrong: survival of the fittest?" lol)

      now alien was a classic but the special effects were limited. it was the first movie after all so lower in budget. from a production stand point when your focused on the cost side of things you look at what formulas work. are we trying to tell a story, lay groundwork, or tie things together. we have the audience for 90-120 minutes max. we can focus on characters, plot, or special effects for the quality side of things because these are the things that sell the movie and create the genre. for this franchise if you focus on the characters you get a drama, plot becomes horror, and special effects become sci-fi.

      alien was a horror so it was plot based… could Ridley survive? could anyone? how do you survive when you can't run/hide/fight the monster hunting you? prometheus however isn't a horror but a sci-fi. it goes into the entire franchise's who, what, where, when, how, and why. not just it's own little corner of it's universe. all while simultaneously showing great special effects, (hallmark of any good sci-fi). people don't like it because it didn't do what people expected it to do. just like brahm stoker's dracula was closer to a romance than a horror and so people hated it when it came out too.

  4. Naw – all of those questions pale in comparison to the biggie – why was the 'Space Jockey' engineer not in the seat of his ship when the alien burst out of him? Did Scott forget that's where he is found in Alien? Really? And also, isn't the technology just a little too advanced for this to be a prequel? Was the Nostromo an old second-hand mining vessel or what? Really, producer/directors should hire me as a 'Reality Editor'!

    • "why was the 'Space Jockey' engineer not in the seat of his ship when the alien burst out of him?" Because they are not the same individual. If you haven't notice, "Alien" is in planetoid LV-426 and "Prometheus" is in LV-223.

    • It's not a little too advanced for it to be a prequel, because it's not a prequel. Really, how are there people who still don't get this?

    • Hm, maybe you don't get this but this film was made in 2012, Alien was made in the 80s, so really, you cannot at all ask a question like that. This film, to me, is a what I call Prequel-Prequel, but even so, when they made Alien they obviously didnt have the technology to work with, and now they did, which is why it looks so drastically different. What, did you want them to use even more out dated looking technology to make Prometheus?!

  5. Alien, one of the best horror movies ever made, managed to have realistic characters who didn't act like 17 year old camp counselors with raging hormones. Prometheus was a terrible story with lazy scriptwriters.

  6. Lindelof wrote lost. I thought he was given too broad of a canvas on tv, and his questions just got the better of him. Maybe a two hour movie would reign in his story telling. But nope, he's a douche. The reason he was hired: questions generate debate, and interest, and viewers and money. So enjoy the face-rapists and shitty old man make up. Waiting for answers is a waste of time.

  7. I'd like to see you guys do a better job at doing "old man" make-up. The dude looked good for being over 100 years old. And the story was told really well. I do agree that the space engineer was kinda funny. I mean, he went to sleep. And the only way he woke up, was to the android (don't remember his name) woke him up? That's kinda funny. But maybe there was more to that story we don't know yet. I actually like the fact that there are questions left unanswered… and yes… you do have to think for yourself. But apparently the idiot that posted this video can't think at all…

  8. Awful movie. Embarassing really.

    Add to the list:

    Why is David's head in the same spot on the floor AFTER an entire spaceship crash?

    • Why wasn't the engineer surprised to be waken up in these circumstances. Why was he a dick and just killed that dude? Why didn't he ignore the people if they were so insignificant? Why didn't he try to call home. Why was he even frozen? Why were there dudes like him frozen in ships all over the planet? Was it a facility or a space ship?If there were ships all over the planet were there sleeping dudes in all of them? Did the "calamity" happen to all the ships? If not why are they all still there, if so what happened? How did it spread? This movie was terrible and just bad, Embarrassing is right! I was so excited t see the film, I was walking double time to the theater, and remember trying to force myself to like it, and saying to myself, just give a little more time.

  9. Lol I should have known it was Mike and Jay, these guys are great. As for the movie, its complicated. There are unanswered questions yeah, but that seems like the point. The story is about people who go looking for life's answers, and find only death. So the point, Isuppose, is not to answer questions, which was the point with Lost, because there just aren't any, because the Universe sucks and every alien wants to rape you. However, as much as you love the movie, you have to admit there is a difference between unanswered questions, and stupid shit that doesn't make sense. An experienced scientist taking his helmet off on another planet doesn't make sense, neither does Charlize Theron having a surgery machine thats configured for the male anatomy. I think its a great movie, but not a brilliant one.

    • The surgical bed was configured for male anatomy because it wasn't ever intended to be used by Charlize. It was there to keep her father, Wayland, alive long enough to see the completion of the mission, and reap the benefits he had hoped would come along with that.
      It WAS still kind of dumb, though. A machine that sophisticated doesn't have enough programmable memory to be able to handle both men and women? Outside of the sex organs, the differences aren't that great. And Wayland didn't care that, had his daughter been critically injured during the mission and needed the bed herself, she would be S.O.L.?

    • A story line is not complicated just because it doesn't make sense! This was simply nothing but an embarrassing, pretentious load of crock!!

  10. Also don't get too mad at the guys, theyre very clever. They did a review of the film where they basically discussed whether the unanswered questions were genuinely important questions or just bullshit, and they decided the latter, but they still liked it.

  11. When Charlize Theron asks David how long they've been sleeping, he says something like: "Two years, three months, eight days, thirty-six hours and nine minutes."

    Erm… Eight days… and thirty six hours…? So nine days and twelve hours. She should have know then that he was m-m-m-m-m-m-m-mental!

    Who am I? I am the editor of – check it out and I will TERRIFY you!

  12. Yo half your questions are answered in the film. And the other half are so pointless. Why did they eat cereal for breakfast? Why are they wearing pants instead of shorts? Very DUMB video

  13. the severed engineer's head, 10,000 years old was still rubbery flexible and then exploded when the probes were inserted……………..what kept the head fresh for all those years?

    • Remember when the rush of air came out after the door opened? The head was preserved in the same state that prevented the urns from spilling out their wonderful payload! That's why his body was decomposed but not his head.

  14. I walked out of the cinema feeling numb after watching this film, not sure about what I'd watched whether I liked it.. 2 weeks later I still felt the same way and when my friends asked me about it, I said I still ain't sure about it. Now, I just want to watch it again to see if my brain makes more of what happened in the film. I have got a very good imagination and syfi is my type of film. I think I get what this film is saying and the direction it has gone in. You just have to use your imagination more and realise that this film doesn't do what most Hollywood movies do nowadays.. Which is tell you whats happening in the first 20 mins and then you follow the same predicting action for the rest!

  15. I hate 'Prometheus.' So this movie is saying Alien 3 and AVP never happened? Weyland was in those, and he lived in Alien 3 (non extended version) and he died in AVP (or so you think). His name is also Charles Bishop Weyland, not Peter Weyland. The space jockeys look fucking retarded. They look like grown up babies, with dumbass faces. I thounght the space jockeys looked like they did in 'Alien,' I always took it to be their faces, not a damn helmet. There are only 4 Alien movies and two spin off ones. Prometheus is not an alien movie. Bring Alien 5 with Sigourney Weaver, with the Ripley clone, not more of Ridley scotts and a hack writer from a hack show from the hack jjabrahams (he ruined star trek forever)

  16. I watced this move twice and still didn't get it all.
    I'll wait for the dvd to come out .
    take drugs
    stay high
    help dumbdown america

  17. About 30% of these have answers in the movie, 30% have enough possible explanations that calling it a plot hole would itself be a stretch, and 30% are intentionally left unanswered. the other 10% might be reasonable complaints.

    Prometheus is a movie that asks more questions than it answers. it's not the norm, but there's nothing wrong with that.

  18. I think that this movie was shite.


    The foundation to your plot has just disintegrated.

    There's several other questions the video has that cannot be explained other than with "Ridley Scott has gotten lazy"
    (doubt me? – David conversation about humans being disappointed with God's answer to why did you create us, Rutger Hauer same conversation with his creator 30 years earlier in Blade Runner)

    • theory 1) since we are they're offspring as evidenced by the dna match, (actual science aside), they want to warn us not to go there, much like a parent may tell a child not to touch the gun on the top shelf of the closet, but time and language lose the warnings meaning.

      theory 2) the ship taking off in the beginning didn't come here but instead went to another base on another planet or even home. so we were created prior to the goo, this can also explain how they know what will happen when we meet up with the goo as seen in the carving above the urns. so the star maps then become an equivalent to a map of the roman empire. you can still use it to find places but a lot has changed since it was created.

      theory 3) they want us to come to the weapons base. they know what will happen when we meet the goo, (referenced in previous theory), and they want this. humanity is only a stage to create these ultimate weapons to be used in a war with whomever, (another predator tie in perhaps). the "human" project could be failed, forgotten, or deemed a success, depending on the political situation on their home world. they would use us for testing purposes the way we use animals or even more accurately the way we COULD use clones if we didn't have ethics.

  19. In my point of view the biggest problem with Prometheus was that it downright insults the audience intelligence.
    As if.. we´re comfortable overlooking such a dumb script just because it comes in a really nice package. The characters are so unbeliveable stupid that one loses all interest in them. I honestly facepalmed myself through the rest of the movie. This was the main prob for me. The rest of the logic gaps could have been overlooked if it wasn´t for that EPIC fail. What was Ridley Scott thinking?… Oh! Perhaps a lot of this >>> $$$

  20. well guys, i could be over-critical of this film. Instead i went into the cinema stoned and had an awsome time. great movie :D

  21. The apologists will overlook the script's many failures and the idiocy of the characters (dumbest scientists ever imagined). The critics, fans of "Alien" (and common sense, logic and realistic human behavior), will never forgive Scott for doing to the Alien franchise what Lucas did to the Star Wars franchise in 1999-2005.

    • I would in no way compare Prometheus to the the newest Star Wars franchise. Prometheus was good except for that I only got attached to three of the characters: the captain, dragon tattoo lady, and david. Not sure david even counts though as he creeped me the hell out. I liked how the movie was just soooo beautiful and then took an opposite yet equal turn for holy-fucking-shit-ville. I also thought it was especially gay to have Charlize get crushed by a big wheel of death…why didn't she just run to the side??? I still liked the movie though. Way better than most of the garbage they try to shit down my eyesockets nowadays like sparkling vampires, step up 20, or so fast, so stupid, let's make another one

  22. lmao at how people have to pick films apart and try so hard to point out how bad it is or wrong it was JUST because they didn't like it,,, i mean, come on man ITS JUST A FILM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. LOL – Very funny. This film was a colossal disappointment. Not so much the story, it was fine I guess, but the execution and the script. It just felt like a B movie and not the big budget professional film it was supposed to be. This video could be so much longer with all the things that were just dumb and inexplicable in this film.

  24. One of my favorite scenes is where that dude just starts getting hammered all of a sudden because they didn't find dudes walking around, then tells his girlfriend that all you need to make life is DNA and some effort and out of left field she goes APESHIT and is all, "YOU KNOW I CANT HAVE KIDS" and he's all (suddenly no longer hammered )"I'm sorry baby, LETS FUCK" Then they do. My other favorite scene is where the gruff old ship's skipper asks Charleize Theron (who is a young gorgeous RICH executive) if she's a robot and she's all, "LETS FUCK" I remember scratching my head during this movie thinking "What the hell am I watching? This is terrible."

    I don't remember much about this stinker, but those two dumb scenes are etched in my brain! : S

  25. For those who can't still see the connection of Prometheus an Aliens.

    1. The black "goo" that is inside every vase-like containers can destroy and re-create any living thing. if you've watch the first part carefully where an alien-like humanoid they call "Engineers" drank a small cup containing that black "goo" destroys the entire body structure including the tissues, DNA and other parts of his body. After that, it is shown in the movie when he fell in the waterfall that his DNA got reconstructed again, creating a new life, which is us. That's what Elizabeth Shaw found out, especially when they ran a DNA test from the decapitated head that they got from the dome, where the Human DNA and the Engineers' DNA matched.

    2. Now, why is it related to the Alien movie? Because on the end, the alien "octopus-thing" that came out of the Elizabeth Shaw's belly, (which is the product of her and his boyfriend doctor who drank a small amount of the black goo which is mixed on the vodka he drank, plotted by the android-robot David) attack the last surviving Engineer (the alien-humanoid" which came after Elizabeth Shaw. After killing the last Engineer, the octopus-like creature somewhat died, and out of the belly of the Engineer came the first alien creature which pretty much the same with the alien movies that we've watched before. Although if you look closely, it seems a bit smarter and it's body structure is much more better that other alien creature's that are shown from the alien vs. predator movie. By this, we can conclude that this alien could be the queen of the alien creatures that we've watched before in which the Predators are always after.

    But the most confusing part is this. In the alien vs predator movie one, a flashback where we can see that the alien-hand-like creature (the one that lays an egg in the stomach of a human, which develops to an alien creature) was already present on Earth. So I guess, that's still a mystery on how those alien creatures reached Earth on the first place. And what happened to Elizabeth Shaw and David. Did they find the home planet of the so-called Engineers? Or did she die from whatever cause . . . .

    Hope this helps. . :)

    • Actually only one or two of those questions are answered in the film. The rest are glaring plot holes, poor writing, lack of character development/definition, stupid gimmicks and unnecessary side plots.

      I'm afraid it is those that cannot see (or choose to ignore) the massive faults in this movie and quite how excruciatingly poor it is in comparison with the best sci-fi/horror movies (such as Alien) that have no brains.

      The film was incredibly weak in SO many areas. From plot, script and atmosphere, to continuity, characters and acting.

      The only thing half decent about it was the special effects (which is probably what seems to have blinkered so many to the film's other faults). But even they got a bit B-movie when the squid creature appeared.

      Only those that are easily impressed by flashy effects and pseudo-intellectual movie-making, and who couldn't recognise a strong script and good acting if it smacked them in the face, will have enjoyed this film.

      The rest of us laughed at it, felt depressed that it didn't live up to Ridley Scott's high standards, and thought that it generally stunk to high heaven.

    • Where did the ladder come from? When they have wandered around for at least a dozen scenes they have no ladder but when david finds the room with the black goo he has a huge ladder. wtf

  26. exactly. No one wants to think anymore. They'd rather think that if they don't understand something then it must be either stupid or a mistake. Therefore anyone defending the movie must be "making excuses."

    I watched the movie with my wife and brother in law and none of us had any questions when it was over. Everything more ore less made sense… if you paid attention.

    The best is people complaining about the two women running in straight lines. Do you realize how wide the ship was? Running striaght was simply to by more time. Running sideways would've left them under the GIANT ship long enough to be rolled over. Nether way really provided an escape but every creature would generally perfer a minutemore of life to 5 seconds more of life.

    If you don't get it or have all these thousand quesitons odds are you spend the majority of your time in the theater thinking up clever commplaints instead of watching the fucking movie.

    • Weyland? Give me a break! Why, why why, why, why get Guy Pearce to play him? With pathetic old man make-up and cliched old man acting to boot.

      Why not simply hire an older actor? An actor you could actually feel empathy towards in their old age! Why not somebody like Peter O'Toole before he retired? Or Christopher Plummer? Or Donald Sutherland? I guarantee every one of them would have enthused the Weyland character with inordinately greater levels of empathy, gravitas, authenticity and authority.

      Instead the Weyland character was totally ludicrous, unbelievable and undermined the film.

      It was impossible for anybody with a brain, or who has ever seen Guy Pearce act in anything at all, to suspend their disbelief while watching him, totally unnecessarily, hobbling around in comedy old man make-up. Guy Pearce himself deserved better than that. He could've quite easily played Holloway, with far greater aplomb than Logan Marshall-Green, that's for sure.

      The action sequences, or supposed moments of horror were no better. There was zero tension, zero shocks, zero horror.

      The creature that killed Rafe Spall? Hardly the stuff of nightmares. And it's not like it was a shock when it attacked, no matter how ludicrously they tried to make it seem surprising.

      The zombie Fifield? Again, it hardly inspired terror. If we're meant to believe that he was halfway on mutation to an Alien type creature (re. the way he leaps on one of the crew, Alien style) they could've made a far better play of that and certainly made his attack on the crew scarier and more gripping.

      The Engineer himself provided absolutely no fear or terror. He may have done, were we actually invested in the characters of David, Weyland and Shaw. But we weren't, so their deaths and fight for life were entirely limp. And since we have no idea of the Engineer's motives, the whole sequence was entirely hollow.

      As for the absurd CGI squid creature's attack on the engineer. Who cares?! Another worthless plot device to shoehorn in the appearance of an Alien. The Alien's appearance could've still been the big reveal at the end of the movie, but they could've built up to it so, so much better and made it a far more pertinent plot point. We knew it had to happen, so why not actually work it into the storyline proper, instead of leaving it as a lame, forced afterthought nod to past/future Alien movies.

      Part 3…

    • I'm afraid this was simply one of the worst scripted, directed, constructed and acted films I have seen in a long while. Hollywood churns out such brainless, CGI-obsessed, character/plot bereft, thoughtless, revenue-driven fare all the time. But I expected a lot more from Ridley Scott. This film could have been so, so, so much more. So much more.

      Instead, they churned out a mediocre Hollywood action/sci-fi film to please people that don't actually think, but want to think that they do.

      If you didn't leave the cinema wholly disappointed and wondering what went wrong with what should have been a rich, dramatic and terrifying premise, then I'm afraid you have no brains, you don't know good drama, you don't know good cinema and you shouldn't bother commenting on films in future.

      Those that liked this movie are the sort of people that probably thought the Star Wars prequels were good.

      Prometheus was depressingly bad.

      It was nothing other than the same sort of mediocre, CGI-laden, brainless nonsense that Hollywood are churning out for the masses.

      It could've been epic.

      Instead it ended up more like Epic Movie.

      Part 4.

  27. Rafe Spall's waste of a character should be an embarrassment for a screenwriter and director. An embarrassment!

    The crew were clearly meant to be similar to the ragtag marines in Aliens. The only difference being that James Cameron actually bothered to try and establish the marines' characters and the terror of their predicament. To the extent that you were still rooting for even the most annoying of the bunch (Hudson, Gorman), saw their redeeming characteristics and actually viewed their deaths as heroic and sympathetic.

    I felt absolutely no connection with ANY of the characters in Prometheus. None at all. So when Rafe Spall's biologist starts acting like an idiot I just felt depressed at how poor the character is and when he died I just laughed at the absurdity.

    When Holloway is burnt alive by Theron's character, I almost laughed out loud again. It was meant to seem like some great martyrdom, but I simply did not know enough about his character to care. We didn't know enough about what was happening to him to either.

    He sacrifices himself, for what? Remember in Aliens when they find a colonist barely alive, impregnated with an Alien, having suffered nightmarishly, asking to die. You appreciate why she wants to die. Why does Holloway want to die? Can they save him? What is he turning into? Who knows? So who cares if he dies?! I didn't.

    The two guys co-piloting with Idris Elba? We get a very brief reference to one of them having family on Earth. Apart from that, who cares? Who are they? Nobody cares. Their sacrifice in crashing into the alien craft should be a heroic death. Instead it's a damp squib. We barely feel any affinity with Idris Elba's captain, let alone these two nobodies.

    As for David (Michael Fassbender), Iam Holm's Ash displayed such subtle menace. Lance Henriksen's Bishop was meant to specifically juxtapose Ash and leave you questioning whether he's trustworthy. David? I don't think his character is defined properly at all. The fact that he's still the most interesting character of all sums up how bad the characterisations are.

    Are we meant to believe he went mad with the monotony of the journey to the planet? Are we meant to see him as a precursor to Ash, single-mindedly programmed to serve the Company (Weyland)? Or is there meant to be a more philosophical question about humanity and how he enjoys playing God over his "creators" by infecting Holloway? It's all a hodgepodge that doesn't actually offer any sort of clear reasoning or character behind his actions.

    Part 2…


    Given the possibility of infinite foresight as a god-like engineer, the final space jockey had planned to be woken up after humans were able to evolve into a highly intelligent, planet hopping species. He was the last one, ordered to kill off the rest of the jockeys at the military base, he then went into cryo-sleep until he was awakened by humans. Thus realizing the fruits of their labor, he could now return to a fully populated earth, distribute the black goo and mine a xenomorph bio-weapon such as a queen alien, filling an entire spaceship (derelict on LV426) with her eggs and having a monsterously sized planet destroying bio-weapon. The humans, being able to move from planet to planet, are now able to be setup as hosts on different worlds.

  29. I say this and your probably all agree, Prometheus should of been about all three alien culture 1, More about the space men that created alien.

    2 how many generation that took alien to evolve in to what it is now

    3 How predator got hold of the alien to so every hundred years people would be chosen for the big hunt and

    4 and big show down between all 3 of the alien cultures with the humans stuck in the middle

    Im not a film Director but given the chance I could put a film together that will make people want more of the fil;ms madfe with plenty of action and the realitys of the way humans would be like in a real situation, I actaully A few years back sent some of my Ideas off to 20th Century Fox Studio in Soho, London My Ideas at the time where real good and they where new Predator Designs and you know what no one from the Studio got in contact with me.

    I have alot of good creative Ideas that could blow the studio away

    If any of you where to ask me about Ideas for a Scifi film I could put you a good plot together that you,ll like

  30. Defo the begining of a set of prequils star wars style. Its obvious to me that its set up a type of first generation alien before it evolved to the killing machine we know. It evolves with each host and takes on characteristics from it. Its not so hard to see where this is going. Great film for true fans.

  31. Prometheus was one of the most disappointing films in recent years. It had everything going for it: a great director (the originator), a good cast, a big budget, and boatloads of effects. But it all was wasted. The story line was horrible. The acting was ludicrous, and no amount of computer generated wiz-bang can make up for that (it just comes off as an expensive Scifi channel movie).
    Examples of poor acting: the geologist played by Sean Harris and his sidekick spend most of the early part of the film complaining and seeking to avoid any danger, yet when they encounter an alien, rather than exercising caution, they try to make a pet out of it. Quoi?
    And then there was the failed use of the android David (Michael Fassbender). There was potential there and I kept waiting to see how Ridley Scott was going to tie in all those references to David Lean's film Lawrence of Arabia. But it all went no where.
    The original Alien literally changed the scifi genre. Prometheus is just lamentable and forgettable.

  32. guys…really?
    you know its gonna be a trilogy right?
    so alot of these questions will be answered
    i thought he did really well on this film, every one keeps comparing this to the alien films…..why? its not a remake its a beginning.
    it was tense at the right times and gory when it needed to be.
    what about the scene in the surgery machine thingy i mean if you wanna compair anything to the alien films its that part,he really went back to his roots for that scene

    personalty i cant wait to get the answers in the next films ,i cant wait to see there home planet,i cant wait for the alien onslaught that is bound to come

    Ridley Scott you sir may carry on

    p.s. the old guys daughter……i would

    • there's a difference it looking for answers in the trilogy and having too. A normal trilogy would leave the end at a,"what's the deal with the ring?, i know where there are going, i wonder what else they are going to encounter" but in this movie there's just so many plot errors. just the fact that you look this movie up and EVERYONE is saying there's plot holes is enough

  33. I think the apologists need to accept that this movie is poorly scripted, in the original script it was the same planet and the main room contained eggs with face huggers, not egg shaped goo containers, there were huge changes made the the script and many of these changes made little sense. Sometimes un-answered questions just comes down to lazy story telling.

    I was a bad idea for Guy Peirce to play the older waylend but for some reason they kept on board as he played the younger Wayland in the future Ted Talk Scene which was dropped from the film but released as a viral on the internet.

    I do wish people would stop mentioning the AVP universe, Prometheus completely ignores that cannon and has nothing to do with it.

  34. lol
    u guys are funny.
    it's a movie. done. simple. just for entertainment.
    too many blabbering and blah blah blahs just like when some people thought SEX was spelled during the romp of simba and mate in The Lion King.
    it's a fucking movie. that's it.
    but honestly, the tread here is fucking hilarious…

  35. I've never seen these guys before but they were hilarious. Also Prometheus sucked, Ridley Scott should have made Forever War, that movie would have been insane because the book was so good.

  36. Now Imagine that the guy asking questions is sitting next to you while you watch the movie (any movie or tv show for the matter), now imagine him as female and that you are married to her….Yeah.!?! I think that's what made it very funny to me, and that it's funny anyway.

  37. I got one question, when the crew landed and went around in the maze of i'm assuming miles of distance from the ship. Where the hell did the ladder come from? They didnt have it leaving the ship or in the dozen scenes walking in the tunnels. Then all of the sudden david has a huge 12 foot ladder. ???

  38. WHat's wrong with you people?? Is it because the current generation wants everything given to them?? Use your damn imagination and stop expecting Hollywood to give you the answers to everything.

  39. Okay, I love PURE science fiction… But you can throw in all the mystery you can into a film and that is great… but that mystery is not suppose to be geared towards a sequel which this film truly was. The movie's structure was not interesting and went the way of a bad B-budget movie. When it came down to it, it did raise questions… but as a entertaining movie.. it was straight out hallow and boring. And yeah tons of stuff didn't make sense. I don't want to have to analyze what just happened for 15 and be lead into another scene that doesn't make sense or there is no cohesion, just stuff happening. It's not even close to the top 40 of the best smartest sci-fi out there.

  40. Questions that I have:
    1)If the "engineers" have been handling the black goo for at least a million years would they still be running around like the 3-stooges while handling it? Seems like they would have mastered the containment of the stuff and they definitely wouldn't have it sitting in open vases…..let me say that again…open vases…
    2) Why would the "engineer "immediately jump up and start killing people and then try to fly to earth. He'd been asleep for 2,000 years. Wouldn't he try to communicate with the home world to say hey!! I'm still alive. Send help? Would they not have sent help in 2,000 years?
    3)During the entire movie we are under the premise that the atmosphere of the planet can't sustain life. But after the engineer crashed he's walking around out there like ummmm. I love the smell of CO2 in the morning!!! Yummy!!
    4)The bodies of engineers piled up in a heap with exit wounds explains what? They all went and layed on top of each other and waited for aliens to burst out of their bellys? What happened to the creatures that burst out. There were multiple engineer ships. Why? Where there more engineers sleeping?
    5)Seeing how hostile these dudes were why in the heck would you fly to their homeworld? Was she looking forward to getting her head ripped off too?

    I think this was a case of a script that was poorly written/researched or maybe the gaps ended up on the cutting room floor. This story had so much potential but they've seriously screwed it up. I really appreciate the lengths they went through with Star Trek to have continuity.(present reboot excluded) Prometheus could have benefited from just a little but of that!!!

  41. Didn't Ridley Scott officially announce that they were discounting the AVP=AVPR's from the universe? I should certainly hope so, seeing as they were Hollywood gore porn.

  42. I haven't seen it anywhere that perhaps the opening scene with the engineer on earth was actually a death sentence. He was banished and was supposed to be killed by that poison, but the water washed some of his body away before it could be fully destroyed. That would be a good reason to try to kill off the humans later. They were an accident.

    Another question, if the engineers are the beginning of life on earth, why was the planet all green in the opening credits?

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