Aliens and Predator 10-Film Marathon Before Prometheus

A group of friends decided that they were going to watch each of the Alien films in anticipation of Prometheus and set out on a Marathon. But not to pull it off half assed, they decided to throw in the Predator films as well (since the Aliens vs Predator films tie them together.)

The gang invaded one home and in the span of two days watched all 10 films in the crossover property. After each film, they would rank them and calculate an average.

Their ratings pretty much match how I organize the films.

  • Alien 1979 – Average Rating of 9.5 out of 10
  • Aliens 1986 – Average Rating of 9.6
  • Predator 1987 – Average Rating of 8.67
  • Predator 2 1990 – Average Rating 5.89
  • Alien 3 1992 – Average Rating 4.22
  • Alien Resurrection 1997 – 6.25
  • Alien vs Predator 2004 – 3.29
  • AvP2: Requiem 2007 – 1.78
  • Predators 2010 – 7.23
  • … and finally Prometheus – 6.88

Like most reviews of Prometheus I have seen so far, their rankings tend to be very spread across the spectrum. This is a bunch of people who are already predisposed to appreciate this franchise, and after seeing Prometheus, they all had such strong variances in their ranking.

And while we are on the topic, the naming conventions used to title each film in the franchise has always bothered me. They started with Alien (no “s”), then Aliens, (confusing to some) but then go Aliens 3. Then they drop the number entirely and go to Alien Resurrection (again without the ‘s’) Predators seems to have followed that same lack of consistency starting with numbers then deviating to adding an ‘s’.

So did you see Prometheus this past weekend? What would you have rated it?

And please, no spoilers!


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