Aliens and Predator 10-Film Marathon Before Prometheus

A group of friends decided that they were going to watch each of the Alien films in anticipation of Prometheus and set out on a Marathon. But not to pull it off half assed, they decided to throw in the Predator films as well (since the Aliens vs Predator films tie them together.)

The gang invaded one home and in the span of two days watched all 10 films in the crossover property. After each film, they would rank them and calculate an average.

Their ratings pretty much match how I organize the films.

  • Alien 1979 – Average Rating of 9.5 out of 10
  • Aliens 1986 – Average Rating of 9.6
  • Predator 1987 – Average Rating of 8.67
  • Predator 2 1990 – Average Rating 5.89
  • Alien 3 1992 – Average Rating 4.22
  • Alien Resurrection 1997 – 6.25
  • Alien vs Predator 2004 – 3.29
  • AvP2: Requiem 2007 – 1.78
  • Predators 2010 – 7.23
  • … and finally Prometheus – 6.88

Like most reviews of Prometheus I have seen so far, their rankings tend to be very spread across the spectrum. This is a bunch of people who are already predisposed to appreciate this franchise, and after seeing Prometheus, they all had such strong variances in their ranking.

And while we are on the topic, the naming conventions used to title each film in the franchise has always bothered me. They started with Alien (no “s”), then Aliens, (confusing to some) but then go Aliens 3. Then they drop the number entirely and go to Alien Resurrection (again without the ‘s’) Predators seems to have followed that same lack of consistency starting with numbers then deviating to adding an ‘s’.

So did you see Prometheus this past weekend? What would you have rated it?

And please, no spoilers!


20 Responses to Aliens and Predator 10-Film Marathon Before Prometheus

    • *backhands you* I demand vengeance for that claim. Blasphemy doesn't begin to describe how complete and totally wrong you are. My bowel movement is better then Alien 3 and there was no Alien 4. It never existed. Claiming otherwise is a complete lie.

  1. This is going to sound mean, but I find that people who enjoy greater complication will enjoy Prometheus more than people who dislike to actually think deeply. On the whole Prometheus is one of the greatest true Sci-Fi movies ever, however it is not a horror film.

    Top twenty greatest True Sci-Fi films ever!
    (A true Sci-Fi asks questions deep questions, they are not horror or fantasy films although they can have these elements)
    20. Jurassic Park
    19. Inception
    18. Gattaca
    17. Avatar
    16. Sphere
    15. War of the Worlds (1953)
    14. Martian Chronicles
    13. Moon
    12. District 9
    11. Prometheus
    10. Close encounters of the third kind
    9. Metropolis
    8. A clockwork orange
    7. The road warrior
    6. A boy and his dog
    5. Day the earth stood still (1951)
    4. Matrix
    3. Planet of the Apes (1968)
    2. 2001: a space odyssey
    1. Bladerunner

    • Decent list, but no Terminator, The, Sunshine, or Brazil; there are definitely weaker films on this list.

      Also, if animation is included in the running, you could probably squeeze Akira and Summer Wars in as well.

  2. What would be the point? Prometheus has only the loosest ties to the alien series. Seriously. The problem is people don't get Prometheus. They went in expecting Alien 2 (No not Aliens.) The original Alien had one goal. Scare the crap out of people. I mean seriously. Alien's story is about as basic as you can get. Ship sets down, alien brought on board, is discovered that company wanted specimen, crew picked off one by one, single survivor escaped. Done. The movie's goal was to invoke a base fear emotion out of you. At the time, It worked. (Keep in mind when Alien came out. This was new stuff for the cinema going public.)

    Prometheus is a story driven movie not fear driven. Without giving anything away there are very few "scary" scenes in Prometheus. I'd classify all of them as more gore then anything. Again Prometheus is about the story. People going into the movie expecting otherwise WILL be let down. That is why you have such a wide spread from reviewers. This is not an Alien movie, period.

  3. I enjoyed it, it opened up the universe for me and it had all the right ingredients for a decent sci-fi/horror flick. Wasn't brilliant, but it was good.

    Can't wait for Prometheuss.

  4. The score for Predators is frightfully high. That movie was a dull, generic film that would have been straight to video were it not based on the Predator franchise. The fact they liked it that so much kinda invalidates all their other scores in my mind. :-/

  5. I would rate Prometheus a 5/10. Not good by any stretch, but maybe a bit better than Alien 4. Alien 3: Assembly Cut is actually fairly decent.

    Anyone who put Prometheus on any greatest list let alone a Sci-Fi one should really watch more movies. It was terrible.

  6. Alien 3 and Resurrection were just some nightmares Ripley was having during her hyper sleep on the sulaco. There is no other explanation.

  7. I thought Prometheus was far superior to not only Alien 3, Alien Resurrection, the whole Predator series, and of course AVP, but I found it to be superior to Aliens. On Par with the original if you ask me.

  8. Prometheus had the poorest depictions of science and scientists this side of a Kansas high school textbook. Anyone looking for a shred of 'science' in their 'science-fiction' is likely to leave scratching their heads at best and probably attempting to Scanners-head-explode Ridley Scott at worst.

  9. Alien, Aliens, and the original Predator are classic Hollywood gems… the rest are bad jokes by hack studio execs. and hack writers. Prometheus, as cut, was a sloppy mess with totally uninteresting characters. Ellen Ripley and Newt could wipe the floor with them. It was riddled with B-movie cliches and some people thought it was classic sci-fi? Please… Ash and Bishop were far more interesting "artificial persons" than the foppish David.

  10. I have read most of the Alien books and a good majority of the Predator books. Now based on that I would give it a 2 because, it made absolutely no sense and didn't follow original story-line. It's all over the dang map.

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