Rise of the Geeko Sapiens [Comic]

Yes, our time has finally come. The bullies can now know the terror they so like to instil as we wield our powers of technology to deliver far more frightening threats than a man with muscles could ever terrorise us with! Muahahaha.

P.S. I have no idea how to hack into a Facebook account. Dang.

[Source: The Joy of Tech]

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  1. "P.S. I have no idea how to hack into a Facebook account. Dang."

    Look over the guy's shoulder during lunch or in the library as he checks his facebook. As a geek, you should be able to see his password as he types. Log into the email address he used to access his facebook account, change the password. Log into facebook, change his password. Hold him ransom.

  2. "I have no idea how to hack into a Facebook account"
    The style of Facebook "hacking" I see most often, is find someone with a really easy to guess security question, reset password, done.

    I personally haven't done it, but I know people who have (And I usually get the blame.). Two great examples I can think of where Q. "Favourite historical figure" A. "Hitler" (I've heard two different friends say they've got into accounts with that one.). The best one though was "What secondary school did you go to?", the victim was still at that school :P

    Advice: Where possible DO NOT USE SECURITY QUESTIONS.
    Annoyingly Facebook won't let you change/delete your question one it's set. So if you have a weak question; Good Luck (And set up two-factor authentication!)

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