Quick! To the Batpack!

Yep, now you can carry around all your comic books in true geek fashion with your very own batpack! Even comes with a hood for when you get chilly…or if you just want to go the full geek mile and feel like a member of a batman squad. I would join.

[$34.50 at Hot Topic | Via GeekAlerts]


5 Responses to Quick! To the Batpack!

  1. Now you can look like a thirteen-year-old douche and for the low, low price of just thirty-four fiddy.

  2. Cool backpack, but the dude modeling it looks miserable. Reminds me of a SadEtsyBoyfriend

  3. This article should have started, "Have you ever wanted to get beat up for your lunch money?"

  4. I'd be miserable too if my tattoo sleeve looked like wallpaper from a 16th century lady's parlour.