OMG WANT: Grey Knight Armored Hoodie [Pic]

Chivalry is back in this unique set of knight’s armor from the SOF works.

Joust, battle Saxons, high five a SunBro, or just rock around town in this modern plate armour. Fully retractable face plate and visor hood keeps the wearer ready for anything, while the fixed breast plate, spauldrons, and elbow couters add elements of style and strength from an a age long past. Serged interior for professional quality, and reinforced stitching on all armored pieces for durability.

The Grey Knight has proven valor and his cause is just. Wear this armor and show your quality.

Edit: Even though the hoodie isn’t available for order anymore, it should be back in stock soon enough. The owner of the shop left a message explaining exactly why he had to suspend operation right here.

Thanks Pierre-Yves!

[SOFworks @]

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