Caller ID Sucks [Video]

So geeks, have you ever assigned nicknames similar to these ones to contacts on your phones? Let us know in the comments section below!


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  1. I tend to associate people with their google and facebook accounts, so unless they set something interesting I just get their names.

    I used to set nicknames for people back with my old nokia and stuff, but I don't need that with display pictures :D

  2. Only if I met them when I'm drunk and only have a first name or in one case where I have two of the same name. One got the "- Gay" version.

  3. Sometime's I look at my friend's contacts and they have all these cute nicknames and stuff LiKee tHiiisSs<3<3~** I mostly have First name and first initial of last name, or Mom, Dad, Uncle Bob, Time Warner, etc. but like two or three close friends have a nickname. It's not a Honey Bear or **pRinCeSS** type nickname though. I guess as long as you understand them, they are YOUR contacts. Maybe a couple important people could have normal names, if someone else needs to use your phone for you in an emergency.

  4. The only one i got with a nickname on my phone is my fiance. I named him "God" this way i got "you got new message from god" or "god's calling"
    Kinda just for the fun… :)

  5. well, the names in my phone are whatever i call the people to their face in public. sometimes that’s a nick, sometimes it’s their real name.

    also no video for people in germany :(

  6. Now that's just another reason to keep my phone's address book with "real" names… Maybe I throw a nickname now and then, but even if the "owner" of the nickname read it, the reaction would not be close to any of this.

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