The Church vs. D&D [Comic]

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  1. I don't get it, D&D works as birth control because it causes abstinence. Church is against contraceptives, but is pro abstinence as birth control

    • sigh* its saying people who play it don't get laid, same as not having sex is a contraceptive (99% effective! muahahah) its just a joke about catholics i think.

      • But if D&D is abstinence then shouldn’t the church be FOR it rather than against it? I don’t get it either. Unless it’s comparing D&D to condoms and the like, but it’s more like abstinence than condoms if you ask me!

    • Of course they do. And sadly it has been my experience that most female DnD players do it for the attention and get passed around more than the bag of chips brought to game.

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