Live Action Sailor Moon Video Found Online

Until Michael Bay runs out of 80s franchises to ruin, it’s likely that we won’t see a live action Sailor Moon. But once upon a time, before the spunky sailor scouts made their way onto North American television, someone pitched a pilot for an adaptation that didn’t just involve some creative editing and dubbing voices.

A live action Sailor Moon for a Western audience was to have Serena in a very Saved by the Bell-campy show that would switch over to animation when she changed into her Sailor Moon persona.

Check it out:

The second hand recording of this extended opening segment may look very rough and pretty silly, but it fits the style of the time and was probably less embarrassing then.

This looks like a Debbie Gibson video, but honestly, if you remember back to this era of television, everything aimed at this demographic looked pretty similar to this.

Yeah, it was a good idea to can this horrible concept. They made Power Rangers work without animating the Ranger parts, but this would have been creepy. The only live action Sailor Scouts I need are cosplayers (except maybe that jolly fella with the beard.) I was dragged into watching Sailor Moon because my wife was secretly obsessed with it. I saw it for what it was, and there was some fun there, but just not my cup of tea.

Still, I am glad they went with creative editing and english dubs.


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  1. From someone who is a mega Sailor Moon fan……. That is an abomination and they should kill it with fire! Seriously the scariest thing I have seen today.

      • The image at the top was from the live action "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon" that aired in Japan in 2003. Yes, I watched the whole thing. I thought they did a smash-up job of keeping the corny Super Sentai feel while updating the source material for a new audience. :)

  2. I remember this! Friggin’ wheelchair?!

    The Japanese live action series was great, btw. Made me cry, from the drama. The musical that followed was pretty good too.

  3. GAS is just finding out about this now, it's been online for years.

    Also, the Japanese live action version of PGSM is closer to the manga it was based on than the cartoon from the 1990s!

  4. I haven't watched this video in years, and with good reason; it physically hurts to watch. I'm pretty sure I downloaded this between 10 and 14 years ago, which is 700-960 years in Internet Time.

  5. Good gods that video still exists.. well given it is on the internet it's no surprise.

    However there are some major things I'm going to point out given I remember when this piece of crap first rose from the depths of the internet circa 1999 that Wikipedia has cited in error.
    Toon Maker the fantastic Idea folks behind this video were in a bidding war with DIC is true, both were vying for the rights to for what became a cash cow.
    It wasn't however to be a rival to Power Rangers, since this was recorded circa Summer of 1992 or Spring of 1993… Power Rangers came out in August 1993. It was you could say a ominous precursor to Power Rangers had Saban gone a different route.
    Given that the Naoko Takeuchi and other members of presenting the Japanese Side for the Sailor Moon Franchise were more or less in attendance to both pitches along with marketing execs and what not, and given this video you can see why the camera man started maniacally cackling within seconds… it was simply Dead on Arrival and DIC's empire was secured… Til Funimation Comes Along.

    Side note this is as close to the original recording that's available much anymore since the original video was either burned or locked in the Area 51 Vaults next to The Ark of the Covenant and Spear of Longinus.

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