CLANG: A new generation in swordfighting games

Historical fiction nerd, science fiction author and self-professed swordfighting geek Neal Stephenson has decided it’s time to end the trigger-based foolery that we have come to accept in our sword games. His CLANG kickstarter seeks to use modern gaming technology to revolutionise the way we swing our virtual swords.

Initially, his PC based game will emulate what he calls the “Queen of Weapons” – the two-handed longsword. It is a European sword, used in the late medieval and early renaissance times. He believes he’s worked out a way to create a truly satisfying swordfighting experience, which will reflect, quite precisely the nuances of a true swordfight.

He’s building the platform with expansion in mind: more environments, character models and weapons.

Read the kickstarter about it (and donate if you are sick of your swordfighting games just not being real enough), or watch this video where Neal explains the whole project in more detail:

[Via CLANG’s Kickstarter]

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