Heat-Sensitive Colour-Changing Mugs!

A friend of mine sent the link to this Italian site called Goolp where she’d seen these mugs. Cool stuff there but Google translate only works so well so I wasn’t completely sure of it. I then found out that The Cottage Industry sells these mugs, designed by Damian O’Sullivan.

[Hot/Cold Mug: UK GBP13.99, France EUR17.50, Germany Not Currently Available but might get stock soon? | Other Cottage Industry mugs on Amazon: UK, France, Germany, U.S.A.]

Pretty cool, but now I want them to make more geeky ones. One that changes from Jean Grey into Phoenix when hot maybe? Or maybe even a classic Clark Kent to Superman?

I went on a bit of a search and while I didn’t find what I was looking for I did find this epic Tardis mug, though it’s not heat-sensitive. Stiil…cooooool.

[ThinkGeek $17.99]

I saw this page on ThinkGeek and went a little bit mug crazy and I could end up posting a billion pictures of awesome mugs, but I think I’ll let you explore for yourself.

I still want my Jean Grey/Phoenix one though.


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  1. Not a new idea… the ad agency I worked for in 1998 gave these out as promo items. Also, Genera HyperColor shirts did the same thing in the 1980s.

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