Own the Iron Throne!

Well, whether you asked or not…HBO answered! You, too, can own the Iron Throne!

As seen on the network’s “Game of Thrones,” (is it next April yet?!) the replica sits 7-feet tall, weighs 350 pounds, and is constructed of hand-finished, hand-painted fiberglass and fire-proof resin (how appropriate, as there be dragons!).

And it can be yours for a mere $30,000…not including shipping of nearly $2,000.

Order yours now!

(Any of you GoT fans out there actually gonna shell out the bucks??)

[Via HBO Store]


6 Responses to Own the Iron Throne!

  1. If it was exactly the right height, it would make for quite possibly the most awesome drum throne in the world… the arms would get in the way but you'd make a plan…

  2. Hell If I would be money shitting overlord I might order someone to make real iron replica for my castle. Fiberglass is soooo cheap.

  3. I kinda got turned off after clicking that 'order'-link and find out that fiberglass. I know I know, no way they're going to make that from real swords, but I fantasized about the real deal. If I win in the lottery and got meself a throne room replica, I also would make a real iron throne replica with real swords (well, maybe not sharpen ones).

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