‘Mister Rogers’ Gets Remixed [VIDEO]

I’m willing to bet that nearly everyone reading this either grew up with or is familiar with the show, “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.”

In the first of what PBS says will be a series of videos, PBS Digital Studios collaborated with Symphony of Science‘s John D. Boswell to create “Garden of Your Mind“, a mash-up and auto-tuning of some of Mr. Rogers’ most touching and inspirational moments.

If PBS were to ever release the song as a single with all proceeds going to the network, would you purchase it?

[Source: YouTube]

4 Responses to ‘Mister Rogers’ Gets Remixed [VIDEO]

  1. Nope. It's autotuned. Autotune will be found to be one of the major factors in the zombie apocalypse. PBS might be found to be one too.

  2. I would buy this song. Mr. Rogers neighborhood was a gem of a show which spoke to me as a child without barking out orders or making me feel stupid. It didn't just teach you about things, it talked about feelings and how they were also important and how it was ok to have them about nearly anything. No other show that I can think of either before or since did that.

  3. I remember someone telling me that she thought it was dumb and "too sweet", but I always sat on the couch, even as an adult, and imagined that I lived in his neighborhood… and that in this neighborhood, I could have whatever feelings I had, and it would be okay. And Mister Roger would show me something and I would learn something new and fun, even about things I thought I already knew about. <3

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