Cross-stitching Goes Geek Chic! [Pics]

While I have many knitters in my life, I don’t seem to know anyone who cross-stitches (that I’m aware of).

Thank the Geek Gods for Wee Little Stitches, a contemporary cross-stitching business run by a husband & wife duo.

They specialize in something called “Pixel People Patterns” and holy moley, do I need one whole wall dedicated to their geek media-and-cross-stitching obsession!

The Justice League!


Star Wars!

Starting at just $4, you can buy all you can afford here! Including Ghostbusters, Doctor Who, The Breakfast Club, and Shaun of the Dead!

[Source: Etsy / Via Artooz]

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  1. I'm the only person I know who cross-stitches too. It's sad to go to a hobby store and think 'Why is it MY hobby is out of fashion?' Thanks so much for this link!

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