Author Ray Bradbury Passes Away

Media outlets are reporting that author Ray Bradbury has passed away. The illustrious author, known for penning Fahrenheit 451, Something Wicked This Way Comes, The Martian Chronicles and many other stories, died in Los Angeles, CA at the age of 91.

I had the honor of interviewing Bradbury years ago. He was an amazing man, congenial and full of wonderful stories. It was also the first time it hit me that I was talking to someone who had shaped my childhood. Fahrenheit 451 is a book almost all kids my age read in school, and set the foundation for me as a writer. His influence was felt most strongly in the world of science fiction, but his works are already a part of our country’s literature legacy.

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  1. Fahrenheit 451 is literally my favorite book of all time. He wrote a children's book called The Halloween Tree, which is also excellent. This is a sad day for literature. RIP Ray Bradbury!

  2. Ray Bradbury, Kurt Vonnegut, Norman Mailer, Anne McCaffrey… several such distinguished individuals have we lost in recent years. I'm grateful that we had them as long as we did (91… good goin', Ray!) and I'm grateful for their massive contributions to our growth as a culture. I'm grateful for the fact that our grandchildren will be reading their works and be encouraged to both think AND dream by this select group of people who were so very good at both. I'm grateful for the fact that I was once able to meet a man whose works delighted my grandfather when he was the same age that I was at the time of our meeting (rest easy, Mr. Vonnegut, you'd long since earned it) and that our encounter left me with an anecdote I've been able to use to make friends and family laugh heartily ever since then. I'm a lifelong writer, even if it's primarily for my own entertainment

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