WTF: Orville the Flying Taxidermied Quadcopter Cat [Video]

Ladies and gentlegeeks, let me present you Orville, a flying taxidermied cat that was recently presented at Amsterdam’s KunstRai art fair.

So geeks, what’s your verdict: WTF or FTW? :)

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11 Responses to WTF: Orville the Flying Taxidermied Quadcopter Cat [Video]

      • Cows are breed for food and they use the skin afterwards so that no part goes to waste. Cats are not breed for food so it's not the same thing.

        This is definitely WTF. It's creepy enough to have an animal taxidermied to begin with, but this is going way overboard.

        • I dunno about you guys, but that actually seems like a pretty badass way to do it. I mean, I know I wouldn't mind being turned into something that flew around and could chase things hundreds of pounds my size after death.

  1. So will this thing land on it's feet or not? Yeah creepy as hell because the particular cat was a pet. But ya know what… After the damn thing chased the cows it's definitely more FTW!

  2. I was thinking that it was weird, but then I thought "If someone used my corpse to make a helicopter, that would be AWESOME."

  3. I must say i love cats and thought "OMG thats cruel!!" But i did laugh when it was chasing the cow.

    But also guys, remember, that hes not killed the cat just to turn it into a quadcopter. The pet had already died, its probably his own way of keeping onto the memory of the fuzz ball.

    Btw did anyone else think of sail cat from cow and chicken when they saw this?? I know i did *hides*

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