The Science of Star Trek [Pic]

So geeks, of all the technologies at display in the Star Trek universe, which do you hope we see become a reality in our lifetime?

The Science of Star Trek

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5 Responses to The Science of Star Trek [Pic]

  1. I suppose a NASA guys probably know more, but I though we already had developed plausible ion thrusters for impluse engines. Not quite the same, but similar idea. Androids- mechanics will be harder, but estimates put human level AI about 2030-2040 era. Subspace comms- I though we recently were able to transmit information via quantum entanglement. Not exactly the same but its a promise of FTL comms. Holodeck- yah we're not there yet, but I feel like we're far closer than some other stuff.

  2. Nice infographic! Interesting and well-designed…just a nitpick but could you fix the "make due" to "make do" : )

  3. My mother has a detached retina. They injected gas into her eye to move the retina back into place and then used a laser to seal it. The stuff they used to inject the gas looked like something the Nazis would use for torture.

  4. so teleporting is more plausible than holodeck???? and i thought ther was too much data to store to teleport a man

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