Move Over, Lightsabers…Meet the LaserSabers!

Wicked Lasers has created the LaserSaber, which utilizes optical elements, diffuser tubes, and magnets to create waving wands of laser light.

The parts are also interchangeable.

LaserSabers by Wicked Lasers contain a 32" polycarbonate blade and an aircraft-grade aluminum hilt.

LaserSabers range from about $300 to a whopping $1,000, depending on the model.

View the official video below and see how they work.

**Just like any sword or saber, G.A.S. reminds you to please operate LaserSabers with care and respect and read the instructions.**

[Via GeekTyrant]


6 Responses to Move Over, Lightsabers…Meet the LaserSabers!

  1. dude, that is a lightsaber! all you have to do is change the wavelength to something a bit more… lethal….

  2. they probably wont win. if someone made a weapon grade light-saber its not like lucas could sue them for it. they are just pissed that someone did what they should have gotten off their asses and did ten years ago.

  3. "Do not engage in any form of swordplay"…umm, you mean unlike the guys in your videos? While they look cool, I'm not sure I want to spend that much money on a toy you can't play with.

    As for the lawsuit from Lucas's Legal Machine…that is rich. It's not like he invented the concept of a "laser sword".

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