A New Sport Emerges: Table Fighting!

Remember when we thought the bridge from geek to jock was bridged when engineers started Robot Wars? Mechanical Engineering feats of superior combat prowess settled in the war arena where robots faced off to settle who was the king of the lab?

That’s all old news now. Geeks are no longer the timid brainy kids that get picked on. Geek is sexy, and people of all walks of life are geeks now.

Case and point: A group of artists, sculpters, designers, furniture makers, and clearly people with anger management issues have put together a combat event for the ages.

Table Fighting.

Now before you hurt your head thinking about what that is supposed to mean, let me lay it out for you. These people take tables, and then engineer them to fight. They fight other tables. Genius.

With ring personas like Legs McNeil, Yuki, Jersey Shore, and Bird Man Cometh, these tables must have a surface that can support a cup. After that the name of the game is destruction. The Tablemasters operate their creations by remote control and the winner is determined by which table is “left standing”.

The sport is labelled as “intentionally absurd” and events like Bloody Brunch are held at the Magnan Metz Gallery in Manhattan.

Via | Photo Credit: Emily Berl/Wired

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