Darth Vader Bass Player [Pic]

I don’t think anything really needs to be said. Awesome. If anyone knows who actually made this, please comment!


This is “Jim” from Jim & Holly’s…wait for it…STAR WARS WEDDING.

Yeah, amazing. Watch their epic video here.

[Via George Takei]

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  1. The Guitar is a Gene Simmons signature bass made by Cort. It's available for about $500 from all good guitar retailers.

  2. Based on the number and the signature of the bass it is a serialized & autographed Gene Simons Axe. The pair do fit together rather well!

  3. the bass is a autographed and serialized Gene Simons Axe Based on the number probably a tour bass. either way the two go together rather well.

  4. Oh hell yeah! And lets see…the rest of the band….Chewbacca on drums obviously, ….Han Solo channeling Jim Morrison as front man/lead singer,…. Leia in the slave girl outfit & Boba Fett on lead guitar, …..Lando on keyboards/synthesizers/R2D2,…. couple of storm troopers on rhythm guitar,… the Cantina band wind and brass section, a bunch of Ewoks and Jawa running around on all sorts of 'percussion' from gongs and cymbals to congas and steel drums,… C3P0 on grand piano, (for the acoustic neo-classical intros),…3 twi'lek chicks as backup singers……….okay, your turn ;-)

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