Psylocke Cosplay [Picture]

Posted with permission from Don Le, the photographer. Cosplayer: Megan Nguyen.

Thanks Don!


7 Responses to Psylocke Cosplay [Picture]

  1. Eh not bad. Too much photoshop for my taste though. Could be anyone anywhere and just add the effects and do tons of editing in post to make them look smooth and streamlined. I'd prefer a more natural, less produced Psylocke cosplay.

    • the airbrushing is a bit excessive, but at least it doesn't look like they changed her body shape at all (as far as I can tell) she's still deliciously curvy

  2. It would be much nicer if it wasn't so edited. It feels too fake at this point… It feels more like a photomanipulation than a cosplay.

  3. Take away the FX and it's pretty much just a black bathing suit (albeit a really hot one).

  4. Doesn't look like any Psylocke costume I've ever seen…. and way too much photo manipulation, which seems unnecessary, as the model appears to be gorgeous.

    Nice piece of sci-fi/fantasy art… but cosplay… no. Costume isn't accurate at all.