Avengers Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray Case Concept is Too Awesome to be True

The Avengers is still hot at the Boxoffice, taking in nearly $5m this past weekend. It might not seem like much considering the landslide of cash it took in earlier in the month, but that is still twice what second place Battleship brought in.

The summer season is just beginning but some people are already looking forward to getting their grubby little hands on The Avengers on Blu-Ray.

Amazon.com has a placeholder for a Limited Edition Collector’s Set which is rumoured to be anywhere from a 6-10 disc set (unconfirmed)

While trying to confirm that rumor, I tripped across this image of what could be the Limited Edition box.

Before you wet yourself, I have to let you know right now that this is a concept piece by a self-proclaimed geek designer named Dave Delisle who likes to come up with awesome ideas and then post them on his blog for free. This is NOT official concept art for a Collector’s Edition BluRay Avengers set, and as the title suggests it is too awesome to be true.

But it should be.

I admire Dave’s efforts, and quietly despise him for showing off this incredible set piece that won’t exist. I would LOVE to display this on my mantle crammed with Avengers discs (and presumably room for the films that lead up to the ensemble action flick)

Great work Dave. I don’t think anything they DO release for a Collector’s Edition will be as nice as your concept!

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