Guitar Teacher? – There’s an app for that.

Will the guitar teachers soon be replaced by the Apple gizmo? The people at Incident, running the gTar Kickstarter campaign are hoping so. Or, at least, they want to create a guitar that anyone can play.

It basically involves docking in your iPhone and letting you play by pressing the frets that light up and show you where to do so. There’s also a “free play” mode, where you can play it like a regular guitar – but with a variety of instruments and effects available. Kinda like a keyboard version of the guitar! There’s also what I’m calling Baby mode where you just play the string without pressing the frets – it’s like easy on Guitar Hero – booring.

Here’s a video introducing and explaining the gTar:

To me, this seems pretty cool. It’s like a funky way to get the app-obsessed back out of the cyber realm and into the real world to toy with physical things once again. And, you have to admit, learning the guitar can be really challenging and if this helps, then why not right?

Unfortunately, $350 pledges have been sold out. You can still pledge $399 or more, however, to get a white gTar – which will eventually retail for $449. They’ve already blown through their goal of $100,000 so you’re pretty much guaranteed at this point a shiny gTar – and they’ve estimated that you could get it as early as Sep 2012.

What do you think? Terrible bastardisation of music, or pretty funky gadget?

[gTar Kickstarter | Via AppAdvice]

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