The Meaning of the Classification of Animals [Pic]

All explained with such clarity. One for the biologists to have a little giggle at.

Not sure how I feel about the altered spelling of Genus though…

[Via Fake Science]


12 Responses to The Meaning of the Classification of Animals [Pic]

  1. Actually Family and Genus are separate terms as far as taxonomy goes- Kingdom Phylum Class Order Family Genus Species, is how I seemto recall it.

  2. In zoology Genus and Family are two different ranks. The author is missing (of the main ranks) Domain and Family.

    Botany, naturally, is more complicated, with many more intermediate ranks.

    • Since Domain isn't a widely accepted classification in Botany, I don't think it's fair to call this a mistake. Family, however, should have been included.

  3. Well Then Insert this:

    Domain: Does the creature have it's own website or does it just post all of its blogs to Facebook?

    Family: Does the creature visit relatives for Thanksgiving? If it does, does it leave coats on the bed?

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