The Most Awesome Gaming Setup of All Time [Pic + Video]

Pete, who is obviously quite a video game enthusiast, has what can only be defined as one of the most awesome gaming setup of all time. Check out the video tour of his collection below!

[Source: pseudo-macro]


9 Responses to The Most Awesome Gaming Setup of All Time [Pic + Video]

    • So where's your extra super awesome set up video so you can blow this guy out of the water? No?

      Ok, then.

    • I was going to say an Atari 2600, I didn't see one on either of his shelves, but I think I saw one in the closet on the floor.

      I can see 2 things he IS missing though (could be 3). I grew up playing a black and white pong from Sears :-). Also, no Atari Lynx (which my wife still play Klax on), and a Magnavox Odyssey.

      All which I am "A REALLY BIG FAN OF".

  1. At the beginning of the video tour, he mentions that he has a Xbox360. He states that he leaves in in another room because his son like to play it.

  2. I got kinda bored so maybe I missed it but I didn't see the best early gamers: Vic 20, C64 and Amiga 2000.

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