Geek Art: Darth Vader vs. The Doctor

So geeks, who do you think would win? Darth Vader or The Doctor?

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  1. The Doctor, no problem. W/ the sonic screwdriver he can short out the lightsabre & systems in Vader’s armor to make an easy getaway.

  2. Even with the force, the Doctor would win. That screwdriver would short out his circuits as mentioned above. Not even the force would keep him alive then.

  3. I would love to say the doctor because the screwdriver but people just think ok so short circitued vadors lightsabre and suite they forget about the force which means vador from the get go force yoinks the doctors screw driver crushes it and then goes after the doctor but the doctor knowing vador likes to talk talks him down and makes him change side boom.

    • except the doctor doesn't follow the rules of Force-physics. Since he doesn't believe in the force, and is incredibly strong-willed (enough so that he shapes his universe), it doesn't affect him, and he is able to proceed and make with the short-circuiting, &tc.

  4. this is stupid. You can give the fight to vader all you want, but since when does the doctor try to straight-up fight anybody? He'd use his wits to win without ever having to lay a screwdriver on him, and, well, I'd have to say for all of his "brilliance" vader is pretty thick.

  5. Interesting fight, I would have to say Vadar due to the force, but if it was down to the Dr and Vadar with no force then ofc the Dr would win

  6. If plopped into a room, then Vader because of the force, but if The Doctor had time to plan, he would end up winning. He's much more intelligent than Anakin

  7. The Anikin portrayed in the Clone Wars would not have turned to the dark side and would not be trying to kill Togrutas…
    But… the Doctor's plots are even more inconsistent and he could just make some sh*t up to save himself and stop the warp core breach.

  8. Darth Vader wins… Here's how: Vader force pulls the Doctor's sonic, lightsaber activate destroy the sonic, lightsaber flourish on the doctor…. I don't think he'll be able to regenerate from that :)

  9. Vader has force powers so he could probably just force pull away the doctors screw driver. However if the doctor was fast enough he could stuff up vader's robotic suit using the screwdriver. Overall i'm going with vader as he has "The force" and a light saber while the doctor only has the screwdriver and regenerative powers that can be limited.

  10. The Doctor because as the Craig Ferguson song says, Doctor Who is all about the triumph of intellect and romance over brute force and cynicism, and Darth Vader (especially Hayden Christiansen) is practically the spokesperson for for brute force and cynicism.

    Darth Vader will use The Force to casually slam The Doctor into the wall, but then The Doctor will pick himself while making a speech about Who He Is and how foolish it was to underestimate him, and this speech will be capped off with a quip about how ancient religions are no match for a well aimed sonic screwdriver….

  11. The Doctor.

    1) He's a Time Lord. Lord. A *Time*…*LORD*.

    2) He's so brilliant that other Time Lords defer to him, and that means a lot.

    3) He travels in a black hole-powered TARDIS. Vader might be able to blow up planets, but he's thousands of years away from black hole technology.

    4) The Doctor would outsmart him as he does with every other boasting villain who wants to conquer the entire universe. And Vader only wants a piddling galaxy, so he's not even in the general bad-guy ball park of other bad guys that the Doctor has kicked back down with his scientific mindset.

    5) The Doctor always wins. Always.

  12. My friends and I had a very nerdy discussion about this a few days ago… and decided on a scenario…

    – Vader draws lightsaber to cut down the Doctor and the alien girls.

    – Doctor uses Sonic Screwdriver to short circuit the lightsaber.

    – Vader extends the force around his adversary, and senses great power in the Doctor — though most often an agent of good, Vader senses the times in which the Doctor has in fact crossed to the Dark Side.

    – Doctor and Vader banter briefly back and forth, each attempting to size up the other, until Doctor says something snarky that annoys Vader, who uses the force to choke the Doctor.

    – However, in past story lines (old series) we saw the Doctor had the ability to slow down his respiration/heart rate, so he collapses to the floor, the Lord of the Sith believing he has defeated his foe.

    – As Vader steps over the Doctor's body, the Doctor turns on his Sonic Screwdriver again, disrupting Vader's armor's breathing system. As Vader struggles to breathe, the Doctor jumps up, grabs the two girls and starts running…lots and lots of running.

    It's essentially a draw.

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