Do Firefly and Prometheus Exist in the Same Universe?

I’ll let you guys be the judges.

From Firely:

From Alien:

So geeks, what the verdict? :)

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20 Responses to Do Firefly and Prometheus Exist in the Same Universe?

  1. Nah, it's a nod to other series. If you look closely in "Shindig", while the crew is shopping the Star Wars freighter "Starlight Intruder" is landing in the background.

  2. Considering Joss wrote Alien: Resurrection, and the crew of the Betty in that movie has a STRIKING resemblance to the crew on Serenity, I would say the W-Y reference was at least a passing nod to his former job. It's possible it's the same universe though. I don't see why not.

  3. I agree with Meatsack Jones; its a knowingly-included geek reference, an in joke for the fans rather than an attempt to link the two.

  4. Coming from an advertising background I just have to point out that the two W's aren't the same. The one from Firefly has triangles in the fill in parts of the letter while the W in Alien has what looks like little houses in there. There are so few letters and so many people that want to use them as logos that any small difference is what keeps the lawyers at bay lol The W's in the Washington Nationals and Walt Disney are almost identical as well except for a little swish at the top of the Nationals W.
    Just food for thought LOL I agree that someone is being sneaky lol

  5. I always held to the belief that it was a two fingered salute to Fox, because Joss wanted to take the Alien Saga in a very different direction and focus on a new crew instead of Ripley. His script for Alien 5 was thrown out, so I guess he took his ideas and re worked them into Firefly.

    Take the crew in Alien:Resurrection. You've got Ron Perlman playing a macho hothead merc (Jayne Cobb), Winona Ryder playing a cute tomboy mechanic (Kaylee Fry), the captain/pilot is in a relationship with the first mate who just so happens to be a sexy black woman (Zoe Washburne)… I guess that means Ripley is River Tam as the superhuman psycho killing machine!

    Either that or Mr. Whedon wants to make the similarities between Fox Network, Weyland Yutani and the Evil Alliance 8 )

  6. "Building better worlds" slogan? Assassin from Serenity:

    "We're building a better world. All of them, better worlds."

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