Disney-Pixar Presents…’The Avengers’! [Pic]

What if ‘The Avengers‘ was an animated movie, created by none other than DisneyPixar?

Well, one cinephilic geek (yes, I made that up) not only imagined it, he created a poster for it!

How many characters can you name??

Click to Enlarge!

[Source: Cartoon Brew / Via Flicks and Bits]


4 Responses to Disney-Pixar Presents…’The Avengers’! [Pic]

  1. I think the funny part is the fact that Samuel L. Jackson does the voice of Frozone in the Incredibles and is Nick Fury in the Avengers

  2. I recognize frozone, the dad from how to train your dragon, elastigirl, mr incredible, sully from monsters inc, the chef from ratatouille(sp?) But ‘ironman’ is a mystery

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