How to: Measure the Universe [Video]

This is the film from our micro exhibition ‘Measuring the Universe: from the transit of Venus to the edge of the cosmos’. If you can make it to Greenwich then come and see the exhibition – its on from 1 March–2 September 2012 and its absolutely FREE!

[Royal Observatory Greenwich]

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  1. Very well done!
    I have a curiosity… is everything expanding away from us at relatively the same speed, or are things expanding away from us at different rates? I would assume at different rates, depending upon numerous variables, but an overall pattern must have been observed. Basically what I am trying to get a grasp on is thus: if everything is moving away from US, ie, are we are the center of the expansion? Our solar system being the starting point of the entire universe seems a little bit self centered, so to speak.
    Again, very very well done!

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