Is this the ultimate iPod accessory?

There are several ways to make sure you don’t lose your iPod. Pockets work for many people. A belt-clip does the job for some. A few go a step further and buy a specialized wristband with a pocket to hold the device. But if you’re a professional body piercer, it seems there’s one more dramatic solution.

Yes, New Jersey man Dave Hurban has decided that friction and gravity are fine forces, but magnetism is the way to go.

He’s decided it’s a smart idea to simply stick a magnet on each corner of his iPod, then implant four magnetic titanium studs in his forearm, just below the wrist.

According to Hurban, he made the somewhat drastic modification for a couple of reasons. Firstly, he simply wanted to be the first in the world to do something. Secondly, he has always loved the idea of a strapless watch and now has one thanks to an iPod feature that displays a clock face on the screen.

It’s only fair to point out that 21-year-old Hurban is a slender, athletic chap and is currently sporting an iPod Nano. Only time will tell if he piles on the pounds and is able to upgrade to an iPod classic, or even gets enough middle aged spread that he can add an iPad, Tellytubby style.

For the record, Hurban isn’t the first person to attach an Apple device to his body. British man Trevor Prideaux, who has a prosthetic left arm, recently had a new custom model made complete with a dock to hold his iPhone, making it far easier to operate the touchscreen with his other hand.

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