What Kind of Geek are You: The Sacred Order of Geeks [Infographic]

This infographic takes a humourous look toward geekdom, categorizing some of the many breeds of geeks in 16 different categories.

If you could put yourself in one of these categories, which one would it be?

The Sacred Order of Geeks

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33 Responses to What Kind of Geek are You: The Sacred Order of Geeks [Infographic]

  1. I'm mainly an internet geek, with traces (or more) of comic book, gadget, encyclopedia, film, sports, Star Trek, and Star Wars mixed in for good measure.

    My wife is a craft geek for sure (change "knit" to "crochet", and that fits her perfectly), with an added bit of encyclopedia.

  2. My Mom is a craft geek! (Everyone should know a craft geek. They make the most amazing stuff.) She actually hand knitted an Eeyore for me. Last I talked to her, she was making a shirt and bag, while participating in a group that makes baby clothes for charity. She also teaches knitting classes. All this while suffering from Hyperparathyroidism.

    I wish they had a Geek Label for people like me. I'm interested in a little bit of everything found in the Geek culture. I don't have the dedication or attention span to be loyal to just one thing though. Sort of a "Jack of all trades, master of none" kind of thing.

  3. Mountain Dew Code Red I am guessing is red.. so wouldn't that be +1 Health, not Mana? Mana is normally blue >.< Now THAT is a gamer geek talking…

    • No. It is Trekkie, and here are my reasons. Trekker is linguistically similar to terms for people who do things, such as builder, so should be applied to those who make the shows/movies/books. Trekkie is linguistically similar to terms for people who are interested in things, such as foodie, and as such applies to fans of the shows/movies/books.

    • This.
      Whoever made this list just assumed that "geek" means "interested in to the limit of fixation". Being a geek is more of a lifestyle than an attitude towards a particular topic, interest or hobby. This is why I don't consider the Craft Geek or the Sports Geek as valid templates, and Pop Culture Geeks and Chic Geeks are simply abominations of nature.

  4. I'm an internet geek and gamer geek (Code Red =/= mana, thank you very much, that would be Voltage). Plus a little music geek, encyclopaedia geek, film geek, comic book geek, SW and ST, um… pretty much everything on this list except craft, apple and sports. I'm now terrified of myself and amazed that my husband still loves me, haha.

  5. Im sorry these are always crap I as with much of you enjoy all forms of geeky stuff. i spent the whole of my pe lesson listing to the lotr symphony whilst brushing up on my Klingon and arguing why Yoda never said fisty one you are i am me and i am geek and i do not fit into just one category and theas pictograms are terrible

  6. I am a mix of several of the geek types mentioned, although I guess a lot of people could probably say that too.
    I'm glad to see someone else acknowledge the existence of the sports geek. I wrote a blog post about sports geeks a couple of moths ago, if you'd like to read it, you can find it here: http://wp.me/p28lvf-12

  7. So I'm all of those at the same time… Now I know why I have no life.

    Also, whoever made this list is WRONG, FF6 is the best story ever told!!! Espers > Materia.

  8. I managing to be Cosplay geek, Comicbook Geek, Videogame Geek and Internet Geek at the same time. Uhh I might need a life.

  9. I am a combination encyclopedia/Star Trek geek, with definite influences Harry Potter geekdom — which I notice you specifically ignored. That's OK; most Muggles tend to not be aware of us, and couldn't handle the truth if they were.


  10. I could be classified as a trekkie, Star Wars(yes, it's a constant internal struggle), encyclopedia, and gamer geek, but they forgot the most important one: SCIENCE geek! What's wrong with these people to include a fashion geek, but not what made people geeky in the first place!

  11. No section for the Anime/Manga Geek (or Otaku or Japanophile or w/e you wanna call it)? hmm…

    Well, I guess it was kind of built into Cosplay Geek, but still…

    For me, I'd be split between Gamer , Internet and a little tiny bit of Cosplay Geek, with Apple Geek being my opposite.

  12. You can be an anime geek without being into cosplay. Nevertheless, I'm split between cosplay and encyclopedia geek.

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