Sexy DC 52 Supergirl Cosplay [Picture]

[Source: AlisaKiss]

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  1. Ok, she looks AMAZING, and this ISN'T a slam against her … but seeing that ridiculous costume in real life just makes it look even MORE awkward and weird. The crotch shield has gotta be the largest WTF/clash …

  2. Just to get it out there…Look at issue #8 of SuperGirl…She's not just doing cosplay, she was the model the artist based SuperGirl off of in that issue :)

      • You are probably right. I do a lot of touch up which is probably why I thought that.

        I'm comparing the edge of the waist which are quite blurry, compared to the legs which have sharp edges, clear definition. The shadow, of the cape at the waist looks oddly lit, but that could be because it is reflective silk.

        Thanks, I did follow up the links, and I still see blurs at the waists on a few images. Could be my eyes playing tricks, or just a distortion created by the camera. Thanks. Looks great. Very pretty.

        • Well thank you for liking my images. I get a bit defensive because it's not the first time I've been accused of my body being altered digitally, etc. I would like to take it as a compliment but it's still kind of frustrating. Not the worst rumor I've suffered, but still. :) The image is not of great quality and suffered some pixelation from being saved from Facebook and then blown up a bit on this site. Take care

        • No problem. Sorry about the misunderstanding. I believe the problem is the image quality, or the camera itself. Could be a simple as a setting on the camera. I've seen the other images, and they all looks very nice.
          I don't like dropping random insults. I look at mistakes as a stepping stone to improvement.
          You look incredibly beautiful in all, and shouldn't have to worry about people like me.
          The Wonder Woman pictures, are my favorite.

        • thanks! I wasn't sure how the new design would look in real life, but I'm glad people seem to think it came out well :)

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