“Harp Twins” Perform Game of Thrones Intro Theme [Video]

Identical twins who perform a harp duet featuring the GOT intro theme? Wow, this is almost too much for me to bear right now. :)


9 Responses to “Harp Twins” Perform Game of Thrones Intro Theme [Video]

  1. This is really amazing stuff! I'm having difficulty actually believing that they are twins. I mean, what are the odds??? I was blown away by their looks to the point that I didn't pay much attention to the scenery or the music at first, but after several views it's quite clear that they are really skillful harpists as well as beautiful women. Extremely cool (or hot) video… thanks for sharing!

  2. Nice, but why is it that every person who performs a medieval instrumental cover has to do this ‘inspired seaweed’ kinda dance ? It hurts my eyes.

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