AMC Renews Comic Book Men

It seems that the powers that be over at AMC have decided that Kevin Smith’s podcast turned tv show, Comic Book Men is being renewed for another season.

The thing I like most about this show is how it really revolves around Kevin Smith’s comic shop – Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash – and its employees (and one pseudo employee who just hangs out there too much). The parts of the show with Kevin Smith in it are just the guys at the shop chatting it up around the podcast table telling Smith about things that happened at the shop. The show isn’t about Smith at all. He just moderates the chat/podcast portion of the show.

Smith opened the comic shop as part of his geeky dream to own one. However, part of the reason for owning a comic shop is so that he can hang out and geek about comic books, and he really doesn’t get that much of a chance to do that with his busy lifestyle (even after retiring from film making). So this is a chance for him to touch base with his little side business, and get in his comic book geekery!

Some of the show is purely geek mockery. The people who come into the shop and try to pawn off collectibles almost invariably want WAY too much for them, or the people themselves are just begging to be made fun of. I feel bad for some of these guys. But for the most part, the collectibles that come in are often rare glimpses into the world of comics that are truly a joy to watch.

And low guy on the totem pole Ming just gets the short end of the stick all the time. I hope next season he really gets his due. At least he will have that tattoo to brag about.

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