Whedon talks about Bad Things Happening in Avengers – Spoiler Free Version

So here is my best shot at a spoiler free article about a pretty major spoiler for The Avengers. There is a tragic event that takes place in the plot and it’s a big turning point in the film, and recently Joss Whedon was quoted on the decision to have that bad thing happen to a good person and why. But it’s hard to talk about it without spoiling it. So I think I did a pretty good job talking about it and why, but still not revealing the who, how, what or when.

I repeat – Spoiler Free. Promise.

So a pretty pivotal moment in the movie turns the tide of the plot and it involves a bad thing happening to a pretty major character. And now we get a behind the scenes look on just who’s idea that was – and considering Joss Whedon wrote and directed it, we kind of assumed.

But it turns out that while Whedon gave a green light to that terrible thing, it seems it wasn’t his idea in the first place.

Whedon says :

In our first meeting [Marvel Studios President] Kevin Feige said, this is what we’re gonna do and I said, ‘Oh, but you have to go out there and tell everybody that it was your idea because this is going to get me so much shit. Because they are all going to be like, “Oh, he did it again!”‘ Whedon said. “It was stipulated from the beginning, and I completely agree that it was the right thing to do, and so did [the actor], who said in the early days, when I was busy apologizing for it, ‘In a movie like this, with what’s going on if there isn’t some toll, it’s just irresponsible story telling.’

And that’s as close to spoiling as I am going to get even though statistically with how much money this film made you should already have seen it!

And I agree. There had to be some collateral damage, or the battle just wouldn’t have had the same weight. I thought that added so much to this film. I also have to confess that when it happened, I did think to myself “Well you know Joss Whedon wrote this!”

So if you didn’t like the outcome, at least you now know who to blame. For the spoiler version you can check out the original article at Io9.

Also, while discussing this in the comments, please respect that I tried my best to address this topic without spoiling which character was dramatically affected. Please keep the discussion spoiler free as well


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  1. The "who" may not be spoiled, but just the words "Joss Whedon", "terrible thing", and "he did it again" is enough to immediately spoil the "what".

  2. Okay, but given that this took place in the Marvel Universe, it's completely undoable. How many times did Jean Grey "die"? How many "permanent" transformations has Hank McCoy been put through, only to have some wonder-drug or other scientific miracle reverse them? Professor Xavier even regained use of his legs, for a while. Major villains and heroes have died and been buried, only to come back in alternate-universe, clone, or cybernetically-rebuilt versions. Hell, the number of faked deaths and mystical rebirths alone is startling.

    In the Marvel U-verse, traumatic events are *always* written in pencil, not pen.

  3. I didn't read this article because it has no spoiler, can someone please post a link to a better article WITH spoilers – best if it would just be short too and just tell whats going on.

  4. Yeah, I know you want it to be spoiler free. But, I saw the movie and don't have a clue WTF you are talking about.

    So, how 'bout reminding me what part of the movie it was in?


  5. I've seen the movie, and will go back again to see it this weekend. I was totally shocked when the incident happened, but I thought that it was a very powerful moment. I agree, it was pivotal and changed the direction of The Avengers. It wouldn't have been what it is, if it weren't for that.

  6. They're both right. This had to happen to make the story. And in my personal opinion it only raised my respect for the character in question because the true heroism within that character shines through and saves the world. I'd be more specific but I'm trying real hard not to spoil it for anyone.

  7. I agree, in superhero and sci-fi films, death seems to be an option and totally reversable but, in my view that cheapens everything around it. Without risk there is no heroism. JW knows this and so produced the single greatest episode of BUFFY ever, "The Body".

    I will miss the character that was killed. He was played by a superb actor and he carried that character through a lot of development. That said, with all that mayhem flying around, it is impossible that there would be no casualties and the personal loss makes the team actually BECOME a team.

    It's to the credit of JW and Zac Penn that they made what might have been a throw-away death (to a lesser writer and director) a pivotal moment in a gigantic film.

  8. I thought was the only part of the movie which sucked. Would have been much happier if they'd killed off someone else – maybe Hawkeye, because they portrayed him as an even bigger jerk than the comics did!

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