Geek Trip Maps features Toronto, Canada!

Not far from where I live is the center of the Universe (or Canada’s Universe) Toronto Ontario. Now why am I celebrating this Canuck Metropolis today? They paid me! Actually they didn’t, but I wish they would start because I am always telling people how cool this city is for its geeky secrets.

Well now GeekTripMaps, a Youtube Channel dedicated to exposing the geekier side of the less glamourous travel destinations, has chosen, for its first video series, to showcase Toronto in all its hidden wonders.

I especially like the video that showcases the Chinatown, Kensington Market and Queen Street areas. I never miss the chance to stroll through the Silver Snail (while my wife shops up the street at Lululemon). This is the mecca of geek lore in Toronto history.

There are arguably better comic and collectible shops in town but the history and charm of this place trumps all of that. It is a shame that the store will be closing down and moving to a new location after decades of being a fixture of the Queen Street stroll. I wonder if it will still have the charm at its new home, or will it just become another comic shop full of collectible statues and toys?

Toronto does host FanExpo every year, as well as two competing Comic Con’s (Wizard World and Hobbystar’s versions that run a week apart from one another) and an obscene number of other scifi, anime, pulp, horror, toy, and comic conventions throughout the year. This just gives you something else to do should you be visiting town for one of these events.

Have you been to Toronto Ontario Canada? What’s your favourite place to visit?


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  1. Indeed.. that being said whenever I am in Toronto I always stop at a Chinese restaurant on Spedina (in chinatown) named the New Sky.. It looks very commonplace, but if you do ask for the Peruvian menu and have some IncaKola's with it you will thank me.

  2. I've always wanted this type of website/ report/ video series for when I travel. For instance, I'm going to San Fran next week, and would love to know some of the geekier highlights of the city.

  3. So if Toronto *isn't* the center of the Canadian universe, what is? (And I'll save you from asking/accusing; yes, I'm *very obviously* a Torontonian for asking that.) :D

  4. The Ontario Science Center in Toronto is a remarkable interactive science museum that I really loved as a child.

  5. I travel to Toronto about once a month and my favorite place to go for retail therapy is Kensington Market. King of Kensington and Courage My Love (right across the street from K of K) are the best vintage clothing shops. I'm kind of surprised that none of these videos mention the Ontario Science Centre ( It is super geeky fun and a great place to bring your young geeklings. Also, I'm pretty sure the ScotiaBank Theatre mentioned in the Chinatown/Kensington Market video has a Klingon bird of prey being chased by the Enterprise in the lobby (at least it did a year or two ago). It is totally worth going there just to gawk at that.

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