Artemis Crock @ Megacon 2012 [Pic]

Cosplayer: Amaya Kumikai
Picture: David Ng


7 Responses to Artemis Crock @ Megacon 2012 [Pic]

  1. I was just thinking the other day, I would love to see some Artemis Cosplay…. And now here it is. Now I would love to see some awesom Starfire cosplay…lol

      • True but she's also has the wrong type of bow, Artemis uses a compound bow the one she has is use by Green Arrow and Speedy. Trust me I been doing Archery since high school

        • i appreciate the lesson archergirl – thats a reflex box, yes?

          btw, google her…she cosplays jafar from aladdin quite well.

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