The Greatest Shoes…That Don’t Exist [Pics]

I am a geek. I love shoes. I stumbled on this blog.

I weeped.

The creator of the blog is named Alex and he (or she) co-runs it now with a fellow geek named Chelsea. Alex writes that for now anyway, these Photoshopped shoes are just for fun, but the dream is to get them into production soon!

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    • looks to be about 4, maybe 4.5 inch, but theres at least a 2 inch platform there, making the relative heel only about 2 inch or so.

      you can do it, morgan! you can rock this hypothetical shoe!

    • The platform offsets the heels and makes them more manageable to walk in. The heel is probably only an inch without the platform so itd be the same as walking in 1 inch heels but with the additional height.

    • I'm with you. Being a mom with a rambunctious 4 year old and being 5'11" the last thing I need is a 4 inch heel. Give me some cute avenger flats and I'll be ordering in a heartbeat. ;)

      And to kay, that's a great idea too, I'd love to find some Zatanna print shoes. :)

  1. what I want to know is why there aren't female heroes on the high heels (sorry women's foot wear should have female heroes)

  2. hey this is Alex (who created these shoes you guys are so hotly discussing!)
    first off, I'm a girl. felt that seriously needed to be pointed out.
    second of all thanks for all the lovely comments and geeksaresexy for posting my shoes! hadn't known of this website before now and glad I do!
    lastly, i have done some catwoman shoes for female heros. I did Avengers because of the latest movie coming out thats all.

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