FCBD Costume Contest – VOTE!

If you missed Free Comic Book Day (like I did…sadface), don’t fear – your chance to participate in some small capacity so it feels like you didn’t completely miss it is still available to you!

All Star Comics in Melbourne, Australia had quite an epic turnout for the day where they doled out free comics and many came in some pretty awesome cosplay.

They’re running a bit of a costume competition so you can vote for the costume you think is most awesome and the winner will get a bunch of All Star Comics gifts. Help out some geeks down-under and click on a like for their awesome effort! Go to their album, All Star’s FCBD Costume Contest, and check em out and ‘like’ the ones you like before May 14th 6pm Australian Eastern Standard Time.

I couldn’t post the photos since I couldn’t get permission from all the customers but you should also check out All Star Comic’s other album, FCBD 2012…The Madness that contains photos from the day in general. Look at the cute little kiddies!!! Seems like it was a pretty crazy day and one I’m sad to have missed!

Saturday May 4th 2013 – putting it into iCal right now!

Anyone else got links to albums of epic FCBD cosplay?

[Via All Star Comics]

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  1. My Friend had his birthday bash that weekend here in sunny England and it happened to be FCBD, so knowing this and being asked for a theme, I suggest we get dressed up for the day :) Unfortunately all the photos are only on FB, sorry.

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