Illustrating WANT vs. NEED [Pics]

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  1. All work and no play makes me a pale girl?

    Seriously stupid. Just flat out dumb. Since when is skin cancer a need?

    • Actually, I was so proud of my pale skin that I stopped going into the sun, and it turned into a vitamin D deficiency that caused debilitating chronic pain and fatigue that lasted for over a year before they finally diagnosed me.

      EVERYONE needs a little bit of sun.

      • Funny, drinking milk will pretty much take care of that and will put calcium in your bones. That's your poor diet speaking for you there, hun.

        And no, people with a family history of skin cancer do not need a 'little bit of sun'.

        • Well, calcium's certainly a requirement but without activated Vitamin D (calcitriol) you won't be able to absorb much of that calcium from your diet, nor will you have healthy bone turnover due to calcitriol's activity on osteoblasts (and thence osteoclasts).

          To get calcitriol? You need to have sunlight exposure (or more correctly UV-B) to create cholecalciferol, which the liver turns into calcifediol, which the kidney turns into calcitriol.

          Without at least a little bit of sun, dependent upon your melanin levels and the sunlight exposure in your area (latitude, season, altitude, etc), you'll become calcitriol-deficient.

          Sure, some milk has supplementation added, which is applaudable, but you still should try to get a bit of solar exposure for endogenous production. :)


        • Dietary calcium without systemic vitamin D is useless. The human body REQUIRES vitamin D to absorb and utilise calcium. Add to that known issues where the body requires sunlight to prevent certain mood disorders (Season Affective Disorder, characterised by depression, anxiety and other issues) and yes, everybody NEEDS a little sun. That doesn’t mean everybody needs a full on tan, that’s not the same thing. The perception that “tan” = “healthy” does have it’s basis in reality even though we westerners have taken it WAY too far.

        • "Funny, drinking milk will pretty much take care of that and will put calcium in your bones"

          Yeah…doesn't really work that way. I drink four cups of milk a day, take vitamins D and calcium, and I still have a deficiency.

    • I think it's obvious that it means that you need to spend less time with the computer and more with nature……….

    • It never said you need to sunbathe. Getting a bit of sun a day, about fifteen minutes at the minimum, has been shown to have great health benefits.

      Think of it less as promoting intense tanning-based activities, and more as a suggestion to occasionally get out of the office/basement/cave.

      • It said makes me a pale girl. That implies 'tan'. Had the author/create implied activities rather than laying like a bump on a log and baking in the sun? I wouldn't have commented.

        • I think that just because it says "pale girl" that it can be taken so many different ways. You interpreted it as laying out in the sun. Others interpreted it is as never seeing the light of day because of some cliche' mindset about people who don't go into the sun. I interpreted it differently, where "pale" was not taken in the sense of complexion, but as a measure of happiness. Similar to when someone feels 'blue' or sad. When I saw the picture of the sun, I initially thought of being outside (kayaking, hiking, fishing, etc.) versus being stuck in my office all day behind a computer. Where your initial thought was "laying like a bump on a log and baking in the sun". I have extremely fair skin, but I very much enjoy being outside. I just make sure I have sun block on, and take appropriate precautions to being outside in the sun. I'm not saying your wrong, just very closed minded.

  2. I'm disputing the smartphone vs. dumbphone portion. My wife and I saved $40 a month by going from our dumphone plans with Verizon to our current smartphone plans with Virgin Mobile (we switched when VM's plans were still $25 a month, they have since gone up to $35, although we are grandfathered into the old rate), and our two current smartphone plans combined equals our last landline cost. So we ditched the dumbphone and ditched the landline and only have our smartphones, saving $90 per month. So our monthly bill says switching to a smartphone was one of the best decisions we ever made.

      • The $40 savings was from switching our cell phones from dumb to smart (we were paying $90 per month for a Verizon family plan for two phones sharing 450 minutes and adding 250 texts per month to each phone, no data connection for either phone… now paying $25 per month per phone for 300 voice minutes, unlimited texts and "unlimited" 3G data on each). Dropping our landline saved us an additional $50 per month, bringing our monthly savings to $90.

  3. I’m a geek, so I know that you’re skin needs sun and doing it moderately means avoiding a sunburn. Get off your computer, geek!

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