Dry Your Hands Quickly and Efficiently with the Shake and Fold Technique [Video]

Don’t forget geeks, by using only 1 paper towel per day per person to dry your hands, you’ll be making your contribution to help conserve over 571 million pounds of paper towel products each year, and that’s in the U.S. only! The secret? Shake and fold, my friends, shake and fold.



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  1. Most trees used for paper come from forests called
    managed timberlands. Even though the trees in
    these timberlands may look like “woods,” they are
    an agricultural crop – like vegetables on a farm. The
    trees are grown to be made into products for human
    use. Not using paper in order to save trees is like
    not eating salad in order to “save” vegetables.

    • What you're not accounting for is the growing population, which equates to growing needs for paper products.

      So yes, by sheer NUMBERS, there are actually more trees (at least here in the Pacific Northwest) than there were fifty or seventy-five years ago, BUT they keep cutting down important old-grown forest (a very, VERY specific type of habitat) in order to make room for new tree farms, and THIS is the part that is detrimental to the health of forest land.

  2. So each and every person can only wash their hands once a day? Well I use my hanging bath towels which just need washing occasionally so no waste on my end :D

    • No; that's GAS mishearing the guy's stat. His number was for reducing usage /by/ one towel per person per day, not /to/ one per person per day.

  3. I was actually at this TEDx event. It was a refreshing change from the other talks. Completely different and cleverly done. Rather than going with the standard change the world message he opted for something quick and simple that people can actually apply. The folding of the paper towel does help indeed.

  4. <—-Nursing Student….No shake and fold allowed. (Shaking would cause me to fail the state exam! )
    I even have to use a dead tree to turn the sink off. *crys* Being a nurse in Oregon is rough! I just wanna conserve!

  5. Sweet, I feel ahead of the game. I figured out the shake (I actually swipe excess water into the sink to get every drop into the drain before shaking) and fold method ages ago. I also amaze all of my friends in the bathroom when I only use half a paper towel from the automated machines.

    …though not as much as it amazes them when I let someone else open the door and I just dry my hands on my jeans. The only reason I ever use a paper towel is to grab that nasty door handle. shudder.

  6. I try using one or two paper towels. Sometimes I see people get 5-10 when I'm in the bathroom and they don't even dry their hands right, so they still have wet hands. THAT is wasteful. Half through the day when I go in and the dispenser hasn't been refilled (not like they have spare packs sitting around for the savages to tear up) I have to dry my hands on my dirty pants because of that.

  7. Not against using less paper, only problem is that we're taking his word that his hands are "dry". What is dry? Saying his hands are dry is subjective.

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