Wil Wheaton Addresses Star Trek The Next Generation Cast

At the recent Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo a rare event happened. The core cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation united on stage for a panel. There, an interesting question was posed to Wil Wheaton by a unique fan: Battlestar Galactica’s Aaron Douglas.

This prompted the youngest member of the cast (now 39 years old) to take a moment and get something off his chest to his former cast mates.

So great to see these guys all together and I wish I could have been there for this awesome and genuine moment.

Wil’s character Wesley Crusher on Next Generation was not unanimously received and Wil’s decision to leave the show was apparently his own. It’s not like he has been out of work since leaving Star Trek, however in geek circles, he has earned his own recognition – even playing himself on The Big Bang Theory.

But to hear him come to terms with his position on the stage, and finally be able to admit to the cast he worked with the longest that he always felt like an outsider – and then be affirmed by them – had to be a big relief for him.

This was very touching to see. Considering the show has been off the air for 18 years, and the last feature film with this cast was a decade ago, it is a testament to the fans who still have a soft spot for the franchise.

Clearly this made a great impact on Wil Wheaton’s life and career.

Do you still consider yourself a fan of Star Trek: The Next Generation?


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  1. Absolutely, I am a fan. When Amazon arranged the Star Trek contract for Amazon Instant, I watched the entire series, over the course of a few weeks… I still think in some ways that TNG is my favorite of the STs, but I like them all.

  2. My uncle turned me on to TNG in my early teens and I've been a fan ever since. This video…Wheaton totally set the phasers to awesome.

    • are you talking now, or then? st:tng had a 1.3 to 2 million dollar per episode budget when it was on air, pretty much unheard of for the time. and while it may not always hold up these days, when it was fresh and new, it was pretty ground-breaking.

      i have no idea where to start with your doctor who comment, there's literally four different decades you could be talking about.

    • Then why are you on this site? Imagination leads imagery to the highest degree. Read a book if you don't believe me.

    • Or you're like me and you catched up with the series through the DVD sets a few years ago only. :-)

  3. That's awesome, to see Wil Wheaton validated after all that time kinda brought a tear to my eye. Amongst the geek community it's well known the rocky background to all this so to see them all embracing him as one of them is pretty cool.

  4. Gawd I miss this cast. I've been re-watching DS9 lately, and I also am reminded how annoying it was that they never properly ended that show – never gave it the movie it was supposed to have, never really dealt with the awkwardness of Sisko's ending.

    It's also heartbreaking that they never managed to save the set – a huge, complete set enclosed enough to actually make you feel like you are there. Thanks to modern technology making it cheaper to only build pieces and fill them in… it's likely we'll never see a complete scifi set on this scale again. I would have killed to see it in person.

    Also, it's mind blowing that I was just celebrating 10 years at my current job, thinking how long it's been, and then to realize it's been just as long since a TNG movie… wow. I really do miss this universe. The new movies are fun and entertaining, but they frankly aren't trek. The brains are gone and replaced with action and lens-flare (which seems wrong for Abrams, I know he's capable of better). It feels soul-less by comparison, and this cast is a big reason why the original rocked.

  5. ST:TNG is my favorite Star Trek series (indeed, my favorite tv series period), and I remain a fan today. I realized years after it went off the air that one of the main reasons it resonated with me was its moral/philosophical foundation. That, and the humor, Patrick Stewart, Brent Spiner, other actors, and so forth. I also have fond memories as a teenager of watching it with my father. Wil Wheaton was occasionally interesting, but more often annoying. I have read about his relationship with the cast, and it was touching to see them together and their response to him. Now if they could just get the entire series released on blu-ray. Really, how much longer do we need to wait? That teaser disk is so wrong….

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