The Avengers ULTIMATE Heroes Trailer [Video]

Haven’t seen The Avengers yet? Watch this! And if you’ve seen the movie, watch it anyways!

Thanks Jessica!

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  1. That. Looks. Awesome. Incarnate.

    Gotta be honest, though; one thing I've never really gotten about Captain America: how does his shield always return to him? I mean, there's no tech in, it's just a circular, metal shield, nothing special about it(besides the metal itself, but that shouldn't come into play here), there's no magic, I assume, and while the man himself is greatly enhanced, I can't help but doubt that he simply doesn't have the requisite brainpower to instantaneously calculate the exact angles at which he needs to throw it in order for it to return. It just doesn't make sense to me.

    And, I should probably mention, I do know that the reason he throws it in the first place is probably that it looked cool in the comics, and no-one thought they'd do a movie with him. So, I know the real-world reason for his throwing, just not the in-universe reason.

  2. In the movie sometimes it bounces back but not always. Other times is just falls down and he has to retrieve it.

  3. This movie was sooooo gooood! I visited my family and we all saw it together. Afterward my Mom leaned over and said "I'm getting the special edition for this movie."

  4. Vivbranium shield…not metal, absorbs energy, thats why it bounces of everything almost all the time, and yes, cap is not a retarded, of course he can calculate angles, he is after all a master tactician :D

  5. The movie is nothing short of amazing. Non-stop action and a solid story line from beginning to end. I am ready to see it once again and can hardly wait until it comes out on Blu-ray in a few months.

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